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10 Mar 2021 07:33:14
Hi Ed, i dream of Halaand but in sure if we even have a serious interest in him. ivwint quite you for it but do think we stand any chance? I feel we only need a goal poacher to challenge any team right now. and Halaand is ideal for this and can be for a very long time. He's obviously the heir to Ronaldo who man not do much but score goals. i understand he would cost a king sum but I believe we can if we really want to. just your opinions if don't mind. thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Erling Braut Haaland (S) It would take a lot of money plus a player or two in exchange to make it work in 2021 for Real Madrid, and that would only be the case if Mbappe does not sign in the summer, which is looking to likely be the case right now with him staying in Paris a year or two more - but EH is still potentially a priority for Real Madrid in 2022 unless something changes during next season. And if the money stretches, there will also be interest from Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Chelsea and Juventus - although Bayern Munich have priorities to deal with in defence and Juventus accept their focus is on someone else. I expect Manchester City and Chelsea to try to sign Haaland this coming summer although Dortmund will resist a sale unless they fail to reach the Champions League but may commit to a 2022 sale. Borussia Dortmund have financial problems and they will get considerably Depending on the election result, there is a slim chance Barcelona could also look to him in 2022, but I think it unlikely. A cash offer from Chelsea interests his representative and Dortmund would push for a player from Chelsea as well - although they would need to wait a year before he can join. Manchester City had a preferred first choice target as an Aguero replacement but he will almost certainly not be available now, so their focus will shift to Haaland.}

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10 Mar 2021 11:45:51
Thanks for the update Ed02.

10 Mar 2021 15:58:53
Thanks so much Ed. Imo I imagine odoi being the player durtmund would want in exchange with money but I would throw in TA into the deal he's like for like in position of play TA can't reach Halaand level so nothing much to regret in future.
I would do everything to bring in Halaand this summer otherwise he will be out of reach thereafter. the lad replace DD and even to a better effects. we already have young players that could grow with him and the future could be secured for years to comewith our young but talented players. every successful clubs must have a consistent goalscorer which he's looking like he can do. i would like your opinions on who you think Dortmund would want in exchange or Chelsea will like to include. thanks as always.

{Ed002's Note - They want Charlie Webster.}

10 Mar 2021 16:21:14
I hope if CW does join them it’s only on loan. I think he is a very talented young lad.

{Ed077's Note - Dortmund ideally want Webster as a Sancho replacement, along with Donyell Malen; ideally}

10 Mar 2021 16:39:58
Hope we bend over backwards to keep the lad.

For anyone who hasn’t seen him play, I would suggest they look him up asap.

11 Mar 2021 07:02:20
If CW is what it will take to get Halaand, u would throw him in after all we have many other young players to groom. halaand is both a player for now and also for the future. We need a class goalscorerand Halaand can be that for now and even some years to come. strikers of world class are not always available and while CW us still a potential with uncertainty Halaand is already made and also for the future. Give them CW to facilitate Halaand for me all day.

11 Mar 2021 07:49:12
Haaland looks like a very good player but he is, I think, only 20 so there are no guarantees about his progression either.

In my opinion Charlie Webster is a special talent. Of course he may not progress but as things stand today, I would be trying very hard to keep him at the club.

My view on Charlie Webster is obviously shared by the Dortmund scouts.

11 Mar 2021 00:11:00
Dortmund's recruitment truly is world class. Thanks for the info ed002. Wish you wrote a book about football because learning about the game is great for all involved.

11 Mar 2021 11:30:18
We need a established scorer not another 20 y. o with one good season in Bundesliga.

Haaland is a very good talent but not what we need.

11 Mar 2021 12:04:45
We also don’t want to lose players like Charlie Webster.

I really do urge fans and posters to check this guy out. It’s no wonder Dortmund are after him.

11 Mar 2021 12:04:45
We also don’t want to lose players like Charlie Webster.

I really do urge fans and posters to check this guy out. It’s no wonder Dortmund are after him.

11 Mar 2021 12:50:57
I don't believe all these hype around English young players as they never lived upto the hype. CW looks a prospect but that's what it's. It's funny how mischievous some posters could be you push forvrice who's quoted around 100m+but thinks Halaand is not what we need. A guy who has shown everywhere he's beenincluding the UCL. i have no doubt Halaand would Bea success here. he's well built for the EPL. Btg strong and clinical in front of the goal. yoy feel CW is a potential world class because Dortmund scouts are coming for him but Halaand who every bug club in Europe is tracking with serious interest is not what we we need even when we have been lacking an out and out striker who can score consistently since costa. infact we need him more than others and I have a feeling RA would want to solve this see triker issues once and for all with Halaand. The racks up with the best for goalscoring prowess and you think he's not what we need because the finances may not stretch enough to buy Rice a player you're obsessed with. at the moment is tipped to be a future ballondor winners alongside Mpape and you would pass up sty opportunity to sign such a player for some average English player who's not among the be midfielder in the EPL. thank goodness RA has shown over time that he operate above this primordal sentiments when making decisions for his beloved club. chelsea over anyone. Halaand is what we really need now if we still want to return to reckonings in all competitions. not he's all we need but he's a kind of player for serious contenders which I think we all went to see again.

11 Mar 2021 14:19:27
Haaland has to be a priority, he’s just the missing piece in that Chelsea. I say we give them Charlie Webster and add a first option/ refusal to the deal (should Dortmund want to sell him in the future- which is likely inevitable) - that is if Chelsea can’t pay the whole cash for Haaland.

{Ed0666's Note - you and city will be favourite for the title if you get Haaland

11 Mar 2021 14:58:04
Ilo, there is no agenda about Charlie Webster is just a talented player we should try and keep.

I want us to sign Haaland. So, just offer them the cash they need and tell them to f•ck off when it comes to Charlie. If Charlie wants to leave them there is no problem.

I hate “over hyped” players of any nationality and saying one is going to be a future Ballon Dor winner of the future is just going to put ridiculous pressure on any player but that’s what the press do.

My guess is the happy hammers won’t sell Rice anyway but if they did, I would should sign him as well. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation.

{Ed002's Note - Webster cannot move this summer.}

11 Mar 2021 15:10:11
Thanks very much for the clarification Ed02. That makes me very happy.

11 Mar 2021 15:09:55
I'm happy we still have posters who can see what Halaand can bring. he's scored 40 UCL goals in fewer appearance than both Messi and Cristiano and somebody sti think he has only one good season with Dortmund. like obinna rightly said he's the missing piece in our attack if can replicate the form he's showing now and we can play even Bayern favourable with such a striker . which is like reliving the good old days when even the best would want to avoid chelsea. city will further move away if they get him performing for them. he's likely to score in every game and will be up for both EPL and UCL golden boots. which will impact the fortune if any club he plays for. i optimistic that TT will get the best out him with his tactical genius. halaand must be our priority this summer and I feel Dortmund will sell if acceptable offer is made. i trust Marina's wand. I have a feeling just as harvertz played out we shall be in the mix for Halaand because we go straight for a deal and other rivals may not be in a strong financial position to do the deal in the summer. we in otherhands will some some players which boost finances for transfers. i expect TT to want to bring in a few of his own players. he would have won the trust of the board by the season end to prompt beIN backed. we may go further than expected in UCL this season which will only show that like klop if certain marque signings (van diik influence that Halaand can bring) are made we could take both EPL and UCL by storm. ed please throw some opinions on teuch scenario.

11 Mar 2021 16:37:18
I will be happy if sign Haaland but now I’m very happy that Charlie Webster will not be going anytime soon.

11 Mar 2021 19:01:04
We need Haaland to take us to the next level. We should push the boat out to get him. If City get him they will win the EPL for the next 3 years.

11 Mar 2021 19:26:11
He looks a talented beast that’s for sure!



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