15 Aug 2021 12:49:48
For those with the obsession for buying a DM which seems an unlikely situation given TT tactical preferences, Trevoh Chalobah has played in that role.
If he was used in that role he has far more potential than Rice as an example, he has more pace, better passing and equal if not more physicality.
I am genuinely shocked just how good the kid is after so few games he genuinely seems to have everything including the pace and mobility to be an attacking force as well as a defensive lynchpin.
That has to be one of the most impressive PL debuts by a youth player for a long time.
How good did he look live Tom?

1.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 13:53:29
Chalaboa looks very good after a few good performances for us and I hope he continues to perform well in the first team for the season.

I’m sure he and as I’ve said many times before James could both play as DMs.

I think we do need another DM and my preference would be Rice but I gave up on that a long time ago. Other posters have different preferences and I’m happy to take on board their opinions.

My latest assumption is the club will go with what it’s got save maybe the young lad from Barcelona coming into the squad but from the clips I’ve seen he looks more of an attacking midfielder.

2.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 19:48:06
Postionally very good on wednesday night as well.