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15 Mar 2022 23:51:09
Hi Ed, probably a bit of a weird one but I thought I'd ask, There's been a few rumours about United potentially going in for Tuchel at end of season since Chelsea are in a bit of a mess right now. Is there any substance to it or is it typical journalism trying to get headlines? Many thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Tuchel is contracted to Chelsea and they will not be looking for a new coach.}

1.) 16 Mar 2022 12:11:51
Thanks ed, have a good day!

2.) 16 Mar 2022 21:12:20
Hes a credit to Chelsea. conducted himself so well in interviews!



16 Jan 2022 11:13:31
Hi Ed understand if you don't want to answer but thought I'd ask as it's doing the rounds atm, are Southampton looking to sign Broja on a permanent basis and would Chelsea agree to something like this? Many thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Yes but there is no decision about the player at this time and other sides are intersted - maybe another year on loan there.}

1.) 16 Jan 2022 11:39:31
I think he’d be an upgrade right now he works his socks off running the channels. If Broja doesn’t come back we at least need a goalscoring winger.



30 Aug 2021 10:30:15
ED have CFC stopped pursuing Kounde as per a report from the athletic? If so would we look towards alternative options?


{Ed002's Note - There are a couple of problems and right now it is out of Chelsea's hands.}

1.) 30 Aug 2021 13:13:04
Is it just the money? Sevilla will not accept less than 80m euros (£68.5m) for Kounde or are their other things?

Last day Sale.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

2.) 30 Aug 2021 16:57:14
What do chelsea do with it being out there hands, they wait and see if it can be resolved or move on and see if another target can be done?

3.) 30 Aug 2021 18:11:30
Means selling Zouma (one of our best central defender) was all for nothing then, It all seem like a waste of time.

4.) 30 Aug 2021 18:50:15
Silva, Christensen. Rudiger, Dave, Chalaboa and if needed James. How many games would Zouma really play this season?

Also, we want to play out from the back and that isn’t one of big Kurts strengths!

5.) 30 Aug 2021 18:51:45
I don't think pocketing £30m is a waste of time if TT was only going to use him sparingly.
Chalobah is his replacement as things stand which is a major plus for the club.



22 Aug 2015 20:09:12
Supposedly juventus and pogba have rejected a bid from us. Going by what di marizo says ( no idea if he's legit or not).


1.) 22 Aug 2015 21:33:09
Ed's - any idea what's actually going on?

{Ed018's Note - there was an offer recently that was rejected}

2.) 23 Aug 2015 01:12:51
Well would say that's the end of that then Pogba was along shot though let's see if we can pull anything out bag before window shuts

3.) 23 Aug 2015 00:57:23
Yeah I just saw actually - thanks though Ed! Does it look likely that a better offer and better personal terms will land the player?

{Ed018's Note - I'm sure they will try. I have no idea if it'll happen}

4.) 23 Aug 2015 01:33:37
We may come back in with another bid, still a week to go you never know, I wouldn't exactly hold My breath though about us signing him

5.) 23 Aug 2015 02:31:38
Okay Ed thanks. We're all a bit too excited on the page at the moment!



03 Jun 2015 09:57:45
Hey Eds any significant changes in targets or deals for targets?

Also Jose has apparently said he isn't interested in griezman after weeks if big speculation, I know we can't normally take his word at face value most of the time but has our interest moved on?


{Ed002's Note - There is nothing significant but efforts to sign Griezmann are going nowhere right now.}

1.) 03 Jun 2015 15:07:45
Okay thanks ed, seems like this summer it's going to be a very frustrating transfer window, especially compared to last year

{Ed002's Note - Why - the transfer window is not even open yet.}

2.) 03 Jun 2015 15:42:52
Fair point, touche ed, touche

3.) 03 Jun 2015 18:25:45
I would not believe anything that Jose says to the Media

4.) 03 Jun 2015 22:22:56
This is the thing, so many rumours every day, can't get away with it

5.) 03 Jun 2015 22:17:21
Good Evening Ed. does Griezmann want to come to Chelsea? Thanks

{Ed002's Note - I really don't know what he personally wants.}




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02 Feb 2021 00:27:25
Hi Ed 1, what's your thoughts on Werner and how do you think tuchel could get the best out him? Having Kai play up top near him so he has someone to play off? I thought he actually looked quite good against Burnley, made some decent runs but at times wasn't played through, however when he went to shoot he looked slightly desperate. what's your thoughts on the situation? (Apologies for the ramble)


{Ed001's Note - Werner has just lost confidence imo. All he needs is a good goalscoring run. He definitely looks like he needs help up there, either Havertz just behind in the way Maddison plays with Vardy at Leicester. Or possibly play Werner off Giroud in an old-style big man/little man striker tandem. I don't think playing him wide is helpful for him at the moment, he just needs to play up top and stop thinking so much about what he is doing.

Tuchel needs to make sure some individual coaching time is spent on Werner in the next few weeks, to find out exactly what is happening in his head. Mostly when someone loses confidence they just need someone to listen while they talk it out and then put their arm round them and tell them it will be ok. When he makes mistakes, Tuchel is going to have to back him and tell it is fine to get it wrong.

It is a bit like coaching kids, you have to stop them being scared to make mistakes. If you don't they won't try things and then they don't learn from the mistakes. Werner just needs to be reminded that when a shot goes wide, the point is that he was there to take the shot and that he can practice his technique on the training ground to ensure he gets it right next time.}

1.) 02 Feb 2021 07:24:02
I’ve been hoping to see Havertz and Werner up top together for a while. If we can play two sitting midfielders to protect them they could get back to their best.

2.) 02 Feb 2021 09:26:13
Exactly ed. He had two shots on the weekend. Yes he didn't score but he was there to create the space and get a shot on. How many shots did Lampard or Gerrard have before scoring one.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. One of the things Brentford do when scouting a forward is ignore the number of goals scored in favour of how many shots a player has taken. They believe that long term a player that gets in position to score will get a higher number of goals, as a lot of the time finishing is luck, but you have to be in place to test your luck. If you don't shoot, you don't score. How many of Lampard's goals took deflections on the way through to wrong foot the keeper? I would bet it is a lot. Yes it is lucky but you don't win a raffle unless you buy a ticket. Obviously it helped that he hit them with power and usually on target.

It has to be remembered Werner has had problems with vertigo due to noise in stadiums, which will have hit at his confidence before he ever moved to Chelsea. So it wouldn't take much to crush it. He just needs a bit of careful handling. He is worth the effort!}

3.) 02 Feb 2021 12:07:48
Thanks ed001 for such a nice and detailed response. Also in the last match I saw that mount/ pulisic couldn't pick werner's run. However once havertz came on he spotted those runs and attempted to pass the ball and almost had werner thro on goal. Hope werner/ havertz starts against spurs and werner finds the net. Once his confidence is back I think we will see the werner who took Europe by strom.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate and I agree, I am sure he will come good.}

4.) 02 Feb 2021 12:34:42
100 % agree ed. Thanks for the response. Over the years with Wenger in charge at Arsenal fans got so frustrated due the lack of shooting and always trying to walk the ball in. You don't shoot you don't score simple. You can pass as much as you want. look at our game against Wolves sums it up.

{Ed001's Note - there is nothing worse than watching a player get an opening to shoot but choosing to take another touch or pass to someone else.}

5.) 02 Feb 2021 20:15:36
Very glad to read what you've written, Ed!
Also great insight, and of course it's nice to hear the things you want to hear!
I sure do hope that Tuchel, or his team, manages to give Timo his confidence back. Without knowing Tuchel as a person, he sure does seem like a great guy with charisma, off of his first interviews. Hopefully he can convince Werner that he's a great striker (which Timo shouldn't doubt), and that he'll get back to same old scoring ways.
Hell, even I got to admit that I actually wrote a DM to Timo last week and told him that I believe in him. I usually never do that stuff, funny what a bit of whine does to you. Some people send DMs to that busty blonde from across the street, others to assure Chelsea players, that they believe in them, I guess. Or?

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, nothing wrong with sending a message of support as that busty blonde across the road is not in the slightest bit interested in you anyway...}

6.) 03 Feb 2021 11:02:09
Exactly, but you have to shoot your shot every once in a while!



25 Sep 2016 10:48:02
Cahill and ivanoic? what are they doing in the starting 11 still? Only reason i can think of that is keeping cahil in the team is that zouma is injured. he is a absolute liability.

Dave needs to start playing rb full time. as good of a player he is, its infuriating to see him play lb because he slows the play down having to keep coming back onto his right foot, which normally leads to no cross and the ball going either across the pitch or backwards. put alonso left back and dave rb. give costa service.

Kante needs to stay in his holding position and not bomb forward. it leaves us open. do what you did at last season though matic doesn't help him.

Matic needs to be dropped. i didn't seem him make many tackles yesterday yesterday, he stands off and let's players run past him. tackle them, foul them, do something or don't play. give chalobah a run of games.

i feel sorry for cesc, he was hyped up this season to be our savour since he hasn't played much but if 8/ 9 players around you aren't performing then you have no chance.

Hazard needs to play just behind the striker if were going to play with 1 striker. he is a liability on the wing as nowadays you need wingers to track back and defend and he's leaving he left back exposed all the time. play him behind the striker with a free role or don't play him at all.

Willian, no words needed, why moses didn't start was beyond me.

Costa and luiz were the only players who showed abit of passion and wanted to do well, props to them, they had a good game in a shocking team performance. apart from michi who i feel is unlucky not to be playing from the start. he reminds me of a young drogba.

something needs to change quickly, i don't think its contes fault but he needs to realise now that there are certain players who just aren't good enough to play. The board need to stick by him too and back him in the transfer window and during the season.


{Ed001's Note - Kante never stayed in his holding position last season, no idea where people get this idea from. He is not and never has been a holding midfielder. You won't get the best of him if you keep trying to play him there, it restricts him far too much. Just set him free in central midfield.}

1.) 25 Sep 2016 11:40:37
Exactly ed!

{Ed001's Note - it is beginning to annoy me all the people saying about him being a holding midfielder for Leicester. Even the Leicester coaching staff said of him that they played Drinkwater central and Kante either side of him. The lad's prime ability is to get all over the pitch breaking up play, not sitting back and blocking space in front of the back four. If the team do not press, then you have wasted money buying him, as he works best in a pressing system, chasing and harrying opponents while his teammates cut off the options.}

2.) 25 Sep 2016 11:49:02
Ed) )! : Excellent observation re: Kante. We need a free roaming central player but we are scripted all the time, each player has a single job to do. Interested in your opinion of Hazard. Certainly looks leaner and fitter than last year but not a battler and his lack of interest is clear once the pressure is on.

{Ed001's Note - Hazard looks like he is disinterested a lot of the time. I don't understand what has happened to him. He just doesn't look bothered.}

3.) 25 Sep 2016 12:20:57
I would give Hazard a big kick and get rid of him in January. We need players who want to play for the bloody Club. I cannot stand that attitude. I would sack people like that who worked for me.

4.) 25 Sep 2016 17:02:46
Hazard realises now that he should of chosen Spurs instead of the money.

5.) 26 Sep 2016 16:40:21
My problem over the last few years, the players we've signed the players we have. We play a way that does not suit most of who we have, we should be high pressing! Attacking, not this stand of football.

For me hazard Costa, Pedro should be pressing the back 4, Fabregas floating waiting for the ball to be won, Kante pushing forward free rolling closing everything down. Mourinho got the players wrong I'm afraid, Conte has as well!

6.) 27 Sep 2016 08:18:10
Unfortunately we can't play a high press without a high defensive line as that would leave too much space between defence and midfield. We can't play a high line because our CB's are too slow. Perhaps when Zouma returns we might be able to do so but Cahill, Terry and Iva are wayyyyy too slow.



29 Aug 2015 17:08:00
Who else is starting to think it's becoming abit of a joke. I can't say for all chelsea fans but the ones I knew agreed with Me that we needed to strengthen. So why couldn't the board see that? Secondly why can't Jose see Ivanovic is a complete liability. Only good thing is Falcao scored




06 Aug 2015 11:02:09
Anyone believe we will sign anyone else before the transfer windows close? Obviously it seems rahman is coming, where are you wanting chelsea to strengthen?


1.) 06 Aug 2015 12:03:49
A simple answer, yes and we must with the cloud over Costa. However, what is paper/agent talk and fact. On one hand a new offer for Stones is due and on the other Mourinho is reported to want that discussion on hold. Rahman's agent says he has agreed his personal terms and then goes on to say the two clubs now need to talk; what sort of transfer is that and Rahman has made it clear he wants first team football therefore is Mourinho going to switch Azi to the right to add some strength going forward which we are lacking. Everything else we read appears to be media talk BUT there have been several snippets about Pogba circulating, some reported here and if it is possible and he is interested in joining the club over others I have said from the start we will pull out every stop to get him and I think he will fill a void we have. Apart from Griezmann where that went cold quickly the others thrown around leave me cold.

2.) 06 Aug 2015 15:16:21
Rahman is a case of when not if, Stones will defo leave Everton, I just hope he comes to us and not Utd. If Stones decides on United then I still think we'll sign another CB.

I still think we'll see another player come in as well as that. You'd like to think an attacking players will be on the club's mind given some of the issues we have in that area. Problem is, as Frensham says, the options available, such as Callejon, leave one a bit cold!

Griezmann and Pedro would have been good options, Griezmann is the perfect addition to the squad for me, but they both look unlikely at best now. Is Kenedy going to get a work permit? Is he the option, and reason Solanke got a loan? Is he good enough to impact the first team this season? I've tried to look at this preseason as positively as possible, but there are lots of question marks, such as these, around the squad at the moment. I just hope they're dealt with positively.

3.) 06 Aug 2015 16:10:23
Attacking wise we're pretty stacked right now. A lot of people say they'd like a new player for the right side. But we've already got Willian, Moses and Traore. That seems more than enough to me. Moses has really impressed and deserves a chance. Traore is very promising and should perhaps earn some minutes as well during the season. Willian is a very steady performer and important to the team. So I don't think another attacker is necessary.

4.) 06 Aug 2015 16:46:39
Yeah Jackson Moses, Traore and Willian are decent players But they won't take us to the next level. You're too blinded for your love for Traore to realize it. Moses has been inconsistent for years and just because he's had a good PRE-SEASON doesn't mean anything. Willian doesn't score enough goals as good as a player he is that's why I'd like to Pedro come in because at least he's got goals in him. Traore needs a premier league loan before being anything ready for our team. I want for Cuadrado to come good but he's hardly showing anything so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

5.) 06 Aug 2015 16:52:24
Jackson: The answer was in your own comment. We are stacked in numbers but Willian is stuck in his "must get back at all costs" mind-set to the detriment of his attacking role, Traore is all 'future' and I cannot see him getting anything other than soft game time and then Moses who has proved to be something of a surprise in pre-season but can he deliver week in and week out, that is the chance we will be taking. As Champions who want to defend their crown 'steady' will not cut it. I genuinely do not believe Mourinho is content with the current squad although he must feel comfortable that he has a lot of developing talent a year or two on and I would be staggered if he is being restricted financially. There may be some surprise(s) in the pipeline and we are playing brinkmanship with a few clubs for certain players.

6.) 06 Aug 2015 17:34:46
Moses also played very well for Stoke last season. It's not just this preseason that he's performed well. And you're right, I love Traore. But I don't mean that he needs to start every other game. But the occasional game here and there should definitely be feasible.
IMO if there's a world class or at least top class player coming in, it should be in central midfield. In bigger games, we still struggle in the midfield battle for control or even flat out lose that battle. That's where the top class addition should come in, preferably replacing Ramires.

7.) 06 Aug 2015 18:07:04
Preferably. I think you meant imperative. On his day I loved watching him but Oscar is not having many days now!

8.) 06 Aug 2015 19:37:44
Sorry Jackson I got to disagree with you here. Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Moses and Traore isn't enough. I like Willian, love Hazard and I'm hopefull we'll see more from Oscar; but Moses is just a squad player and Traore, in my opinion, isn't even that at this level - yet. Add to that the issue with injury prone and form dodging strikers and it's a concern. Chelsea need to add a wide player who can also deputise up front.

9.) 06 Aug 2015 20:29:17
Agree to disagree then, lads. I'm comfortable with our attacking midfield options. I really like Moses. He's got decent technique and is very physical. He'll add to our attack, I really believe that. Willian is also a good option, but the same question remains. Can he try to give us a little more attacking input? He's so quick and actually has some neat close control if I'm not mistaken, but he rarely tries to beat players. It's weird. And yeah, I just like Traore, sue me hahah ;-)

10.) 06 Aug 2015 22:25:22
Lads I really have to say I don't think our attacking options offer enough goals . meaning every team we play will double up on hazard like they have in pre season with out Costa we look poor but I'm confident remy will do better when the league starts in all fairness he done very well every time we called upon him last year and ders no doubt an option still for him to go if a club makes a bid might happen although I think it's a bit late now and maybe mourinho wouldn't like the hassle of selling and buying this late. griezman and pogba and we would walk the league . matic needs someone next to him in big games remember against Man U last year we had the lowest possession in home games at just 29 per cent Oscar I'm sorry I do t see what he offers use him in pogba deal touch wood

11.) 06 Aug 2015 22:29:05
Have to agree with Jackson here. Moses always had the talent, maybe a year or two away playing regularly has made him a better more consistent player. Traore should get a few matches or cup games. Cuardrado, wasnt a great performance but he did show a few near touches and to be honest that gives me hope. January to may he looked almost too scared of trying anything in case in screwed up.

I said it myself, and Jackson has before, it's centre mid that we need something. Ramires is turning into the problem for me, he doesn't have the skills or passing to work in a 2 man pivot. If anything, we are a player up from last year, Rlc, so hopefully he will get a lot of starts. Yeah griezmann would be great, but what's the point of a rough million player on the wing who gets not service because we don't have the players to control midfield when matic and fabregas are exhausted from starting every game.

But good discussion points being raised,we will just have to wait and see



26 Jul 2015 13:24:22
Anyone know if we would go back in for reus if interest in other targets doesn't come to anything?





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24 May 2022 11:16:42
From what I have read (so don't take it as gospel) he hasn't really had a string of good consistent performances, he did have a big injury before hand though.




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16 Mar 2022 12:11:51
Thanks ed, have a good day!




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11 Mar 2021 17:02:49
He hasn't had many major injuries this season, a few niggles that have kept him out a few days at a time but nothing major. Like others have said I would prefer Sancho but I can see why overall costs would be off putting.




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09 Mar 2021 16:12:37
Definitely would be great to have as San Option, R. James a more defensive Full Back and Hakimi who is more attack minded. Would be a nice option.




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06 Mar 2021 11:55:55
I can still see one of Jorgi or Kante leaving this summer or the following. We know Gilmour could of gone on loan in January to get more first team football and with ampadu I'm not sure whether the club see him as a CB or DM considering his past two loans he's been used as a CB in a back 3.





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31 Dec 2021 17:44:42
Lrdit, I don't think you have seen part 2 of the interview that came out today, it's actually pretty disrespectful. Good news part 3 is apparently coming soon.




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07 Apr 2021 10:09:43
I'm not sure if they may get a chance next season but there are a few youth players who may have the ability at some point in future to play for first team. Lewis bate, Valentino Livramento, Jude Soonsup-bell (still young tho) and Levi Colwill. Obviously there's always a chance they may not make it and there are a few others you could mention too like mceahran and fiabema.




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13 Mar 2021 16:12:15
Chillwell was terrible Tom, he brought nothing going forward, every cross was a complete miss hit or he would turn back and pass it backwards and the one clear chance he had he didn't get it on target. Defensively he was okay but even then he got turned a few times by raphinia. As a wing back I much prefer Alonso and I don't particularly rate Alonso. Chillwell had a good few games at the start of the season and since has been a drop off in performance.




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13 Mar 2021 14:29:35
Chillwell was absolutely terrible. Leicester rinsed us.




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11 Mar 2021 14:25:34
I agree with Ed077, Barkley ha never shown anything to really warrant staying at Chelsea and RLC for me is just to unreliable due to injuries, hasn't played particularly great at Fulham either so I'm happy to cash both in.