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19 May 2019 17:45:37
Seeing that we’re linked to Cavani if the ban is frozen, what would you all think if we signed him? I feel he is better suited that Higuain, and with Tammy/ Michy rotating with him, I think he’d do a job.

I would much rather have gotten him from Napoli, he was a true force there.

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19 May 2019 18:51:03
Matt, I was a massive fan of Cavani but my enthusiasm for us signing has somewhat dimmed over the last season.

19 May 2019 20:10:47
I'd take Cavani over Higuain all day long.

20 May 2019 15:53:34
I’d take Cavani if it gets lifted but wouldn’t mind Vardy either, there’s no young quality striker around.

20 May 2019 20:40:52
Another signing that is a few years too late. see Shevchenko. see Torrey. see Higuain. been there, done that. We should be looking forward not to players that are past their prime.

16 May 2019 11:20:40
Great game Leeds v Derby and it showed us 2 things: 1. Mason Mount was brilliant in the hostile Leeds atmosphere and is obviously ready for the Prem; 2. Lampard's 1st half tactical substitution changing from 4-3-3 to a diamond was spot-on and resulted in Marriott scoring with his 1st touch and scoring the winner - how different from Sarri's boring, unimaginative, like-for-like substitutions.

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16 May 2019 13:04:03
I’m trying to work out how Sarri can still come in for criticism in a game he wasn’t involved in?

I’m a massive fan of Mount but I think he needs another loan next season.

16 May 2019 15:31:55
I agree that Mount needs a season on loan in the Prem (hopefully under Lamps at Derby) .

The Lampard tactical substitution: can you ever imagine Sarri having the imagination (or ability) to make such a change? That's why Sarri comes in for criticism in a match he wasn't involved in - how else do you compare managers besides what they actually do? And we've all seen enough of Sarri's substitutions to have an opinion!

16 May 2019 16:04:59
Two finals and 3rd in league arguably to 2 of best sides in prem history and you lot are still on sarris back the negativity on this page has become ridiculous
What is it you actually want to win every single game every trophy wirh lamps and Terry at the helm and god forbid they lost 1 match you'd ask for a change.

19 May 2019 14:24:51
The misery of some fans and posters have no bounds!

19 May 2019 23:19:48
Tom I'm struggling to stay to be honest love the site and the eds there brilliant but the constant negativity is getting boring
Then the obvious comeback will be it's a banter site and it's our opinion it's boring negative and I've had enough love Ed 1 and 2 and the crap they must read.

14 May 2019 21:00:01
Ed 002
Would I be right in thinking that Real Madrid are yet to agree a fee with Chelsea for the transfer of Eden Hazard?

{Ed002's Note - I am not interested in providing blow-by-blow updates - but there was no agreement as of yesterday lunchtime.}

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19 May 2019 23:20:41
Glad we cleared that up must make a massive difference knowing that.

13 May 2019 15:23:29
If the ban is frozen I'd rather ya only make about 3 signings but get quality instead of quantity.

My Dream XI for next year:


James Zouma Rudiger Chilwell

Kante Jorginho Loftus-Cheek

Ziyech Jovic Pulisic



Pedro, Emerson and Barkley as other experienced squad options. Hudson-Odoi on the bench till he regains match fitness before challenging again.

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13 May 2019 18:06:30
I’m not a big fan but I wonder if greizman is of interest to Chelsea. Links well, scorers, read article about sort of striker we should look to to suit. had jovic millik Griezman and surprising kasper dolberg.

14 May 2019 12:45:02
Kasper Dolberg is nowhere near good enough for us. He doesn't even start for Ajax anymore or the Danish national team, where the striking position is very much up for grabs. While he was a huge talent a few years ago, he seems to have fallen off, and I'm 100% sure that he isn't good enough unfortunately.

13 May 2019 13:52:45
Top 3 Goal Scorers
Hazard - 16
Pedro - 8
RLC - 6

Top 3 Assist Makers
Hazard - 15
Willian - 6
Azpi - 5

The above stat proves how toothless our attack is at the moment. What are your thoughts on the above guys?

Hazard's stats compared to the rest of the team is ridiculous. Credit to the man for remaining motivated throughout the campaign given that his peers have woeful figures. Stats would indicate that Hazard has dragged us into the Top4 by himself. Obviously I could see why he wants to leave given that his 28 and wants to win more in his career.

RLC has hardly played and his our 3rd top scorer which unbelievable. He has the potential be the star in our team for so many years once Hazard leaves.

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13 May 2019 14:50:25
We have Pulisic coming in but he won't be enough and I'm unsure how CHO will recover from a bad injury. We need a lethal striker (Jovic) and a playmaking winger (Ziyech or Pepe) to replace Hazard. Then bring Tammy back as back up and let's just get some youth and hunger into the side.

13 May 2019 17:07:36
Agree with Ranger. We need to be ruthless, Willian and Giroud out the door. Kovacic and Higuaín shouldn’t come back again as they’re not good enough. Jovic, Ziyech or Pepe, Pulisic and Tammy in would be great attacking wise.

13 May 2019 23:57:43
Big fan of both Ajax wingers - either would add goals to the squad.

A lack of goals from Barkley and Kovacic hurt us this season. I think RLC should be aiming at 10+ goals every season now and Pulisic should chip in too, although let's remember he's young and may take a year to settle.

Need more creativity from our fullbacks too. TAA and Robertson's deliveries at Liverpool are generally outstanding. Doesn't matter who plays up top if our delivery doesn't improve. I, like most, would love to see Chilwell - he'd be my number one target if the ban is suspended.

I actually think we're tweaks rather than sweeping changes away from looking much better.

14 May 2019 13:34:17
You mentioned a key aspect there J in the form of creativity from our full backs. Unfortunately, our fullbacks hinder the way we are trying to play under Sarri.

Zappa is the only fullback who truly overlaps and creates space like he did many times vs Leicester. Obviously defensively he is a massive liability. I am Hoping Reece James gets a breakthrough next year.

15 May 2019 11:51:40
I've mentioned that I think James could benefit from another year on loan (to much disagreement), this time in the Premier League. But I do hope Sarri has a good long look at him this summer. One of the main, but many, things that he was being consistently praised for at Wigan was his crossing ability. His ability to play in midfield could sway a place for him in next years squad too.

12 May 2019 23:17:05
These 'new' Hazard quotes are basically what we already knew for sometime. He wants to join Real Madrid, but he is waiting for the clubs to agree a fee. If he wanted to stay at Chelsea then he would have made it clear.

I just don't want this to turn out to be another Courtois incident. There is no chance of him staying at Chelsea and even if he did then it would be against his wishes. He deserves his exit if that is what he wants.

Best solution would be for us to agree the deal before the Europa league Final. At least that way we will have a focused Hazard playing in the final and it will be a fitting fair well to him by all the Chelsea fans. Credit to the man for delivering a fantastic season despite the transfer saga.

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12 May 2019 22:00:29
Hazard said he told the club a few weeks ago his decision and he like the fans and himself are waiting to here back what will happen. Says the club knows and after the final he will know more, I think it's clear his told the club he wants to go,

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13 May 2019 03:06:41

Its not like he would have said to the club a few weeks ago that he wanted to stay and sign a new contract otherwise the club would have jumped at it. Had that been the case then the matter would have been concluded by now.

Obviously he wants to go, he made that clear during the world cup, however it seems the club convinced him to stay for another season. I wish him the best with whatever he decides.

He will go down as one of our greatest.

11 May 2019 14:21:16
Ed on european page you mentioned Lorenzo as replacement for Insigne, could I ask where Insigne is likely to be going, or interested teams, I imagine Napoli would want a high fee,

{Ed002's Note - This is the CHELSEA page.}

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11 May 2019 17:13:13
Yeah, was wondering if Chelsea were interested, possible hazard replacement, ex Sarri player, plays on left,

11 May 2019 01:55:29
5800 tickets each for a European final in a 60k seater stadium what a JOKE! Clubs should get at least 20k each.

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08 May 2019 23:31:22
If Chelsea can't get the appeal for the transfer ban delayed via CAS then it's not the end of the world.

The following playere are good as new signings for us;

Reece James

The trio would cost in near enough 100m combined.

James/ Azpi
Rudiger/ Luiz
Zouma/ AC
Emerson/ Alonso
RLC/ Barkley/ Mount
Pulisic/ CHO
Pedro/ Willian
Batshuayi/ Giroud/ Abraham

With CHO injured we may be rather low on numbers with Pulisic, Pedro and Willian. Not sure whether Higuain can play for us next season so it may have to be Giroud, Abraham and Batshuayi. I can't see Morata return. Batshuayi could be the dark horse.

All in all the worry is our attack. Personally Zouma is quality and makes our defence stronger automatically. Obviously Alonso still remains a liability.

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09 May 2019 02:13:03
It’s got to be delayed by past history surely. I love Zouma too and I think Pulisic will turn out to be a shrewd buy. We still definitely need a new LB, ST and RW. I’d move Luiz into midfield as a Kante backup and bring Zouma in as CB.

My three targets would be:

ST - Jovic

Only quality young striker about. Do whatever it takes.

RW - Ziyech

35m release clause and bags of goals and assists. No brainier.

LB - Chilwell

The more quality young British players here the better. Heard city are favourites failing that Alex Telles.

Wouldn’t mind a Jorginho backup and a world class CB but I’d rather quality over quantity and panic buying.

My hopeful outgoings LOL:

Hazard, Morata, Batshuayi, Giroud, Willian, Moses, Kennedy, Drinkwater, Van Ginkel, Pasalic, Bakayoko, Baker, Alonso, Zappacosta, Cahill, Kalas, Kane, Omeruo. It’s a massive list but we need a clear out majority just aren’t good enough, and lastly if it is frozen I hope we don’t sign Kova and Higuain permanently it would be a waste.

09 May 2019 17:28:14
A list of players I’d like us to be linked with: Alex Grimaldo, Manolas ( cheap ish ) Hakim Ziyech Van De Beek, jovic zapata maxi Gomez Bruno Fernandes, Sarabia ( spelling ) fekir Insigne Pepe De Ligt ( would have far better options than us ) ndombele,

10 May 2019 16:38:22
"My hopeful outgoings LOL: Hazard" You can't be serious.

11 May 2019 01:56:41
Obviously because he wants to go otherwise he’d be staying. Doesn’t take a genius to work it out mastermind ^^.

11 May 2019 03:59:03
So you want to get rid of giroud, morata and batshuayi. And replace the three of them with jovic? Have absolutely no options? Okay.

11 May 2019 12:41:31
Jovic and Abraham.

12 May 2019 17:07:48
CHOsen One . this isn't football manager son. let's be real we can't get rid of 10+ first team squad members it just doesn't work like that.


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