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19 Jan 2020 07:46:56
It's all very well Lampard saying the strikers need to be more clinical but let's talk the basics of football. You don't play your right back as left back.

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19 Jan 2020 11:44:48
Generally we have a lack of natural left footed players at our club. I do believe Emerson gives us a better balance when he plays.

19 Jan 2020 12:02:07
generally he does tom he looks more comfortable than alonso in a full back position my worry is the amount of crosses we let into our box each game we almost invite crosses or is it just me?

19 Jan 2020 13:46:09
Totally agree Superchels. If you cut out the source you cut out the problem.

19 Jan 2020 14:44:18
i was listening to a chelsea podcast recently and they benoaned the amiunt of crosses a game left into our box of which the opposition has 10 seconds to line up the cross each time. they also bemoaned the amount of corners we waste not beating the first man. and the lack of form of mount and cho althought obviously they agreed both are young and dips in form is understandable especially for cho who had 2 good games recently up til yesterday. but they reckon a striker is a big 1 for the window and someone who can head a ball as they talked up the amount of beautiful deliveries per game the revelation in reece james whips in. they talked about sancho been a priority in there view in the summer and a top class left back but that was just there opinion not a source from club etc. good podcast actually both very much have humble opinions like tom an they don't bash players etc. timo werner sancho and a left back would be a dream summer and hoping that's the main reason where not buying so far in january as our targets are unviable half way through a season.

19 Jan 2020 06:29:19
Statistically kepa is rated 127th out of 132 goalkeepers in Europe's top 5 leagues? If that stays true ( from the sun so doubtful ) then Liverpool spent £70m and got best goalkeeper in world arguably and for a bit more we got a downgrade on courtois,

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19 Jan 2020 11:01:24
That is just another bizzare statistic IMO Matt.

I’m sure you can think of more than FIVE worse keepers than Kepa in Europe!

{Ed001's Note - it would be a difficult proposition, Kepa is awful, he has the weakest wrists I have ever seen in a top flight keeper and it cost you again yesterday. A top class keeper saves a shot that hits his hands, Kepa puts it gently into the back of your net.}

19 Jan 2020 11:50:41
He definitely should have done better and I agree this was another example of weak wrists.

Yesterday’s goal for me was mainly Rudigers fault. He didn’t even attempt to jump. We also had so many other players ball watching it was pathetic.

{Ed001's Note - agreed the defence were poor, but the shot was still very much one he should have saved.}

19 Jan 2020 12:03:24
good points edd but id imagine based on the money wasted on kepa been so high the chances of a sale and signing a new keeper are slim to none. we can only hope as he's such a confident bloke hel improve with experience.

{Ed001's Note - I would say bringing in a coach to organise the defence and to work with Kepa would be the way to go. Surely it can't be too difficult to build up his wrists and work on his reactions?}

19 Jan 2020 16:03:47
u be surprised ed😂 the lad seems so cocky hed nearly refuse the extra training to strenghten the wrists and throw a wobbler instead😂😂.

19 Jan 2020 16:43:21
I always think goalkeepers have to be arrogant.
It goes along with being bonkers!

19 Jan 2020 20:41:31
absoloutely tom 😂 any keeper i no is crazy anyway 😂.

19 Jan 2020 01:10:26
So in our last 11 league games we have dropped points against the below teams who at the time were bang out of form and in deep trouble before they played and beat us with the exception of Man City.

Man City
West Ham

So in the last 11 games we have managed to get a measly 13 points from a possible 33. In other words we have dropped points in 7/ 11 games. That is an abysmal statistic regardless of whether we have a young team or not. Its poor in every sense of the word.

With the exception of the Man City game, the other games followed a very similar pattern. A pattern that is very worrying if you are a chelsea fan. Tactically we cannot break down defensive blocks, our build up play is very slow/ lethargic and the team is starved of any creativity. I won't blame Lampard solely, however he has failed in 7 games and lost in very similar fashion I. e. If we concede first or if we don't score early on then we are likely to drop points and that is how I felt in all of them games in which we dropped points. Some of the players are unfortunately not good enough and have to take some of the blame for missing chances. I won't blame Lampard for the countless of chances missed by our players.

For me Mason Mount is simply not good enough. Lampard seems to have soft spot for him and I feel it is costing us dearly. Abraham has scored 13 goals but he has been really poor for awhile now. Barring the early hatrick and the couple of braces at the start of the season he hasn't scored or done enough to convince me that's his the striker that Chelsea can rely on long term. We have no choice but to play him now due to our lack of other options unfortunately. CHO has come back from an injury and hasn't look good enough. However, I will reserve my judgement on him until next year given the injury he has come back from. Defensively Lampard doesn't know his best CB partnership yet which is worrying. Azpi doesn't suit the Lampard style.

Not sure what Kova has done wrong to get dropped. Barkley should play. Kante hasn't been his usual self. Willian has been probably the best of the rest but he won't get you goals.

Not much positively at the moment.

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19 Jan 2020 10:10:32
Would think Kova may have been rested for Arsenal game on Tuesday, but always dangerous to rest on of your best players and not getting points from newcastle game with ones we have coming up is v worrying.

18 Jan 2020 20:42:57
I'm Frank Lampard in, 100% but would anyone take poch end of season?

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18 Jan 2020 21:26:09
Do you mean that serial winner Poch?

Not for me thanks.

I didn’t want us to sack Conte or Sarri and I do t want us to sack Lamps but out of the three his team selection and tactics I find the most baffling.

Let’s just see the so called project through to a conclusion.

18 Jan 2020 22:30:18
We must stick with Lamps for at least three seasons imho to allow him time to build a squad that can win things by seeing which of the youngsters is the real deal and bring in quality additions in what we all know are weak areas (eg additional proven striker/ s, creative midfielder (eg Isco at his best), left back. ) where needed. And Frank needing to decide (and get it right) which is our best midfield and defensive combinations (while of course some rotation necessary) ., a discussion that has to include where best to play Kante and whether if Frank we would play Kovacic ahead of Jorginho.

18 Jan 2020 20:38:46
I think it's a massive choice for chelsea do they wait for these players to bloom or buy and maybe upset the applecart
We are to predictable against teams that defend
How can we have 70% posession 88% in there half and not create a single goal scoring chance
We are to stop start in posession and cut back on the wings far to much
Why do we never play 2 up front and sacrifice a defender with that amount of posession
No point having 2 wingers on if they never go to by line just cut in all the time.

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18 Jan 2020 21:19:16
We have azpi Willian and Jorginho, you won’t see 3 players anywhere in the league who stop, slow the game down and pass backwards or 3 yards away than those 3,

18 Jan 2020 21:42:04
IMO Willian was ok ish. Kante is the player that worries me. It could be a game time, position or just fitness but he isn’t at his best at the moment.

18 Jan 2020 22:03:14
Agree matt
James was our only good player today
And Kante is giving up at least 50% of his game by being played out of postion
We play far to many formations player rotations
Cho is better on left
Emerson and barkley should of started 4 2 3 1
Jorginho does what he's supposed to keep the game ticking over and was OK today
But I would rather kovacic and Kante in a two
And I don't think anyone knows mounts best position in a 3 up front I prefer pulisic I know he's injured and in the ten I would have barkley rlc ahead of him
I don't understand why he plays every week with formation changes but everyone else is rotated
Rant over tough games ahead top 4 I don't know but it's a very good transition year.

18 Jan 2020 22:35:50
For ages, I have been uneasy with the way we have wasted time by playing the ball backwards and sideways in the defence. I was pleased that lately we seem to have overcome this aspect, but have just now seemed to have transferred this habit to the midfield. We seem to be the most polite team in football : "We won't attack until you have sorted out your defence". Will we ever go back to lightning counter-attacks, or are we forever going to prat about until the opposition are organised?

19 Jan 2020 01:17:08
Win percentage with Kanté this season: 36%

Win percentage without Kanté this season: 71%.

19 Jan 2020 09:45:50
Cfc shak who said anything about dropping kante.

18 Jan 2020 20:35:40
Looking at the posts so far, we all look to be saying roughly the same thing.

James and Barkley were OK and the remainder average or below average.

I will also say Lamps team selection is now worthy of criticism and comment from fans.

We have been in the doldrums before but so many performances this season have been woeful.

The club and the fans want Champs League football next season so Solutions need to be found.

I keep saying the team lacks balance and IMO I think we need a natural left footed centre half, another forward and a more powerful left back. We will all have opinions who we should sign but as always,
we have to trust the club.

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18 Jan 2020 20:14:15
Are we allowed to criticise Frank yet? ! . How can Barkley not start after the way he played last week? When was the last game that Mount did anything meaningful? Kante still looks lost because he's being played out of position to accommodate Jorginho (no wonder Kante wants to leave! ) . Jorginho has played 1 good half in the last 10 games but is still selected - maybe Frank wants someone who slows the game down and plays 3 yard balls from side to side and back again and points alot! What has Azpi done this season to warrant starting ahead of Emerson?

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18 Jan 2020 20:27:49
Barkley starts over Mount all day long for me!

19 Jan 2020 13:54:22
You can criticise him yes, but we're overachieving with this squad massively. Only 3 or 4 players in our team are top4 quality players. Line-ups have been questionable for a while but it's not like he's got far better options on the bench. Too many players in the squad aren't good enough. I love that we're giving our youth a chance and some have been our best players this season but you can't rely on them all the time because they're inexperienced so they'll be inconsistent. It's just the experienced players are nowhere near good enough.

18 Jan 2020 20:08:46
Lampard : we don't score enough goals from our front line, we need others to score and help Tammy

Also Lampard

Willian is world class and we know what he offers, we want him to stay,

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