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02 Jun 2024 14:32:10
It looks like we are about to sign another CH and I would like to think it's a replacement for Silva.

If we sell Chalaboa in my opinion it will be a massive mistake. When he came back from injury towards the end of the season he was our rock solid defender. I'm convinced he will improve and will become an England regular.

I can't see a path to the first team for Humphrey's and he could well end up being sold.

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02 Jun 2024 16:55:44
I am sure that this signing was the replacement for Silva Ed002 predicted Tom. but perhaps there will be other comings and goings.

03 Jun 2024 00:52:08
It's just downright stupid to sell chalobah. But we will see.

03 Jun 2024 02:55:14
It’s not entirely in the clubs hands who stays and who goes. Mount wanted to leave last year, so with one year on his contract he was sold. If Chalobah wants guaranteed starts and the coach cannot offer it, and therefore wants to leave then he’ll be sold. It takes 2 to tango, you can’t dance with a partner who’s running for the exit.

03 Jun 2024 03:31:31
Well pointed out fuser.

03 Jun 2024 08:22:30
When has chalobah ever indicated he wanted to leave or 'guaranteed starts'? And why would he need to ask for 'guaranteed starts'? He's our best centre back and played every game once he was fit.

03 Jun 2024 05:11:46
No player can be “offended guaranteed starts” and I’m sure he knows that having grown up at the club.

I wonder what Ed01 thinks of of him as a player and if we should sell him?

{Ed001's Note - I was asked about him on the United site as well and said he would be first on the list to keep for me. He has grown up so much as a player this season that it would be crazy to sell him right now. I know there is this 'pure profit' thinking but that is only relevant when it is a normal business that relies purely on selling items for more than you paid for them. Footie is not like that. The business is about winning trophies, as that is the best way to increase income. Chelsea's growth in recent years isn't because they bought and sold a lot of players, their fanbase grew because you won so many trophies. That increased fanbase brings increased merchandise revenue and TV exposure.

If he refuses to sign a deal or asks for a move, then yes, fair enough he goes. But this seems to be more like the Gallagher situation, with a player who wants a contract more on par with all the big signings coming in that he is outperforming. If you don't reward your better players with the better deals, how do you expect to encourage players to perform? The problem is not with Chalobah, it is with the signings that have been given too much. So offload them or get them to sign reduced terms with large performance bonuses. That is the key thing, performance-related contracts.

Sorry I got distracted there, back to Chalobah, and no I would not sell him at all this summer unless his contract will expire next summer or he asks to leave. I would sell almost every other centre-back at the club before selling him if it was my choice. If you are going to sell him for money purposes, then it would be better to give him one more season anyway. His performances are improving, his star is rising, he will be worth a significant amount more next summer.

I understand there are PSR issues, so offload those that are not performing, not those that are! It is not like there isn't a large list of players that have not lived up to their pricetags. Yes, it may require you to take a hit on the price you paid, but that is how successful teams are built. Fergie, Paisley, Mourinho etc, they didn't keep underperformers because they wouldn't get their money back, they just moved them on and got what they could. As my ma says, you don't throw good money after bad.}

03 Jun 2024 10:55:22
Thanks for the reply Ed. I obviously rate Chalaboa and I think he is lot better than some fans give him credit for. I would put him above Dunk as a CH.

{Ed001's Note - I would put him way above Dunk, who is not my cup of tea at all. Far too many basic errors in his game.}

03 Jun 2024 18:14:31
Standard, simply search for Chalobah in the search bar and see what Ed002 has said. It’s been posted several times that he wants guaranteed game time and will want to leave if not offered it.

03 Jun 2024 23:51:35
Ed001, I usually agree with you but not about Chalobah, tbh I don’t rate any of our CBs. I reserve judgement on Colwill because he was playing out of position and injured and Fofana because I can’t remember what he was like. All of the rest have mistakes in them and not much positional awareness. Perhaps, it’s down to coaching/ tactics, we shall see.



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