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01 May 2024 21:54:28
Ed 01 should chelsea change the policy to add more experienced players to help the young squad this summer, who do you think would be good signings
in and out

In- Guehi/ Ake- former acadamey player knows what it means to be at chelsea 1 that got away for sure

In-Diogo Costa maybe? not sure on the GK

In-Theo Hernandez

In- Issak

Out we shall see- but for me
Chilwell, too injury prone,
Mudryk- terrible signing
Broja- needs a move and to find his level maybe abroad to germany etc
Maatsen- Unfortunetly didn't get a chance 1 that got away for me
Cucurella- Another disaster
Silva- Legend of the game
Hutchinson- Loan again ipswich

All 4 are probably of 0 interest but just 4 who i think would boost the squad massively.

{Ed001's Note - I was just looking at your squad, you defo need a keeper, a solid first choice. Defence is not too bad in terms of experience, even without Silva, when you look at it. The issue is injuries and buying players like Fofana, who have little in the way of football brain and so lack positional sense. Far too many defenders bought for their physical attributes, rather than because they are good all round defenders. Disasi, for example, should be at his peak, or close to it, but he still plays like a kid who lacks any thought to his defending. So you do look to need one centre-back as well. And obviously you need a centre-forward who can be relied upon to stay fit.

Keeper is tough to find anyone, the two outstanding ones that are maybe possible are Oblak and Maignan. Not sure Oblak suits the style of play and Maignan would probably cost too much. So Diogo Costa looks the best option.

Bastoni would be the centre-back I would be wanting, but not sure if he would be an option. Seems unlikely. I am not sure I would be looking at any others, not that are attainable anyway. Might be best to just work on coaching them to be honest.

Instead, I think the money should be spent on an Isak, Vlahovic or maybe even Gyokeres. For me players like Osimhen, David, Toney and Watkins are all much of a muchness but I would have fears over Osimhen and David's first touches, which can be a bit heavy for the tighter marking in the Prem. Isak has that silky touch and can bring others into play, as can Vlahovic when playing well. Gyokeres is just a goalscorer, but not sure if he has the physical attributes to be as effective in the Prem, but still worth a gamble imo.}

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02 May 2024 09:57:17
Thanks ED01 for your thoughts. I see Pickford has recently been linked as well? what do you think of that rumour? As for the centre backs I totally agree with you, the emphasis seemed to be on physique and a player like Fofana needs a Silva next to him for guidance. Maybe Fofana and Levi could work? I agree about I Isak and he would be my choice after Kane who is not going to happen.

{Ed001's Note - Pickford is nowhere near good enough, you may as well stick with Petrovic rather than go for an error-prone idiot with an unprofessional lifestyle and attitude. He is not someone you want around younger players. Also, having him there being erratic makes it difficult for defenders to move up the pitch and play a higher line. Everton make it work because they sit deep, Chelsea don't want to play like that.

I do like Colwill, just not sure he is ready to work with someone like Fofana. Not sure anyone is. He is not a good defender.}

02 May 2024 10:08:23
Thanks for your reply ED01. I agree about Pickford and was horrified to see that rumour! let's hope that was pure click bait journalism. Of the current crop of centre backs who would you pair with Levi?

{Ed001's Note - Chalobah. They should have an understanding there to build upon.}

02 May 2024 10:27:27
Great shout and would save the club money as well. let's hope Poch or whoever sees it that way. Thanks for your input ED01.

{Ed001's Note - for me it is obvious, if you have a pair of players at centre-back that know each other well, you should put them together. International teams so often miss out on that innate understanding by not picking defensive partnerships. So much of defending is about adjusting your position in accordance with the man next to you. If you have two people who have that basic knowledge of each other's game, it should make it so much easier to drill them together as a pair. They are a good combination on paper as well, one right foot, one left. It just seems to make sense to me. Though I do wonder if maybe the way to keep James fit might be to use him at centre-back where there is less distance to cover. Maybe long term that is the position for him?}

02 May 2024 11:02:13
Another good shout ED01, maybe James on the right of a back 3 with Big Trev and Levi?

{Ed001's Note - if you went back 3, that certainly looks a good combination, with plenty of ability on the ball.}

02 May 2024 12:28:02
I don't know if it's just me but I really don't like the entitlement views for colwill. I mean he hasn't done much to convince like say gusto, James, or even palmer but almost everyone is reserving a spot in the defence. From what we have seen in the recent seasons I would not make anyone of them a shoe in yet until when any prove himself. Colwill has proved nothing to guarantee the starting position over others. BB initially looked even more assured until he started losing concentration and became prone to errors. We need leaders at the back especially as silva is going. I don't know how much is left in rudigar contract but I wouldn't mind bringing him back. Get him and Bastoni and we solid at the back. Know both of them is unlikely but imo that's what we need to bring leadership for the young squad.

02 May 2024 12:51:23
Thanks for response and feedback ed should be an interestings summer at SW6,
What do you think in terms of the manager, should we stick or twist?
Id look at mou to tighten up the ship personally.

{Ed001's Note - personally I would bring in Mourinho. I know he is not everyone's cup of tea, but he has mellowed out in recent years. I certainly wouldn't have Pochettino anywhere near the club myself, he is not a winner. He doesn't offer enough discipline to provide long term guidance. You look at most of the kids he did bring through at Saints and Spurs and how many of them have reached their potential? I don't see any that have. Only Kane and he never broke through under Poch and I don't think that is down to any manager's influence anyway. That is him being very focused and driven as a person.}

02 May 2024 13:02:45
It’s always been my opinion that Rudi isn’t that good in a back four but his recent displays this season have proved my theory to be wrong.

Colwill was excellent last season for Brighton and has been largely asked to play out of position this season. In my opinion he is a lad of enormous talent and potential.

02 May 2024 22:19:00
In the premier league he isn’t.

02 May 2024 18:58:36
Hi Ed, always interesting to read your views on the squad, so thank you for that. Regarding GK, do you think Bulka could be an option for us? He's been playing really well as a starter at Nice, and used to show so much potential at Chelsea in the academy.

He's tall, is strong at coming for high balls, has great reflexes on his line and is not bad with his feet. I would hope the club look at him when identifying the future number 1.

{Ed001's Note - I can't say I have seen a lot of him play, but it would make sense as they should know him well.}

02 May 2024 21:41:55
really wondering when u watch games like this do ed 01 if poch is building a special relationship with these players.

{Ed001's Note - he did that at Spurs, but it always falls at the final hurdle because he does not give them enough discipline. It is all carrot with Pochettino and never any stick. You need both.}

02 May 2024 22:45:32
Devils advocate, poch time in England saw him get the best from and turn them into the players they become and moves and big careers,
Shaw, ward prowse, lovren, Lallana, Clyde, lambert got a moves to Liverpool and call up for England, Kyle Walker Danny rose, Moussa dembele, Kane and son, even dier who was very good in a champions league semi final 6 years after poch used him,

Being a winner at spurs is difficult, Jose and conte couldn’t do it there, and he lost cup finals to two of the best in klopp and Jose, I would say there’s shame in that,

His psg time was the start of the Messi Neymar mbappe nobody wanting to track back or do hard work so rest of team was filled with “ water carriers “ as dechamps used to say.

Maybe not a big enough character but not sure anyone’s thought for a second that poch is getting the best from palmer for example like he did dele, we go through the signings and CB and injuries and see the problems not so sure a Jose would be happy with how the upstairs are doing, even gallas who played under Jose has said he isn’t right them at this moment, I think poch is the man we need for one, hopefully two years, then onto the big characters and elite gaffers, Jose tuchel conte aren’t managers for this young team, not a chance,



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