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09 May 2024 12:58:48
Back from a two week trip for work and so pleased with the progress I've seen from Chelsea while abroad. Wasn't able to watch the Villa game but managed to catch all of Spurs and the first half of West Ham. Maybe I should move away from London?

Some interesting questions raised from these three games. Firstly, should Chalobah really be the CB we are marking for a sale? Since coming back from injury I think he has shown what many of us think, that he is a better player than Disasi. Personally, I'd be more comfortable with moving on one of Badishile or Disasi than Trev.

Secondly, how much of an impact was the hernia having on Enzo? It's clear for all to see that having a more mobile partner next to Caicedo has really enabled him to show what he is about rather than constantly plugging holes and trying to figure out the least worst decision to make from a list of terrible options. I think we are all old enough to know that Enzo will be first name on the team sheet next season, but on this evidence, should he be? I notice Todd Boehly was reported saying that 'things have come together over the last 3 games', maybe so, but it's not much of a victory lap when your 105m CM isn't playing and two of the best players are so openly for sale.

Finally, the battle between Madueke and Mudryk. For me there is only space in the squad for one and while I think Mudyrk has more of a special, unquantifiable talent, Madueke seems far more capable of actually sticking to a game plan and understanding what is required. Who will win out? I would also add that while it is good to see Madueke's development, Olise showed everyone who is boss vs United. That's the type of player and performance we need to see from our wide players.

Also it was great to see Nkunku back. My how we need him to stay fit and be back ready for the start of next season. I would imagine he will be picked for France, a good tournament would be a fantastic reminder of his talent and hopefully enable him to hit the ground running for Chels.

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09 May 2024 15:59:17
RBD, I hope your work trip went well.

I can see no reason why Mudryk and Noni shouldn’t remain in the squad. One right and one left footed seems good to me.

09 May 2024 16:46:55
Not only that Tom, you also now need 2 players in each position throughout the squad if you want to compete at the top table.

09 May 2024 16:49:13
Agree Tom nothing wrong with both of them in the squad, in a couple of years would be interesting to see how they develop.

Mudryk is really infuriating but I see a top player in there in a year or two.

09 May 2024 17:48:26
I quite like both players Tom, but I don't know how we progress with both occupying the wings week in week out. They need time to develop and we're at a point now where they're going to struggle to reach 20 premiership goals and assists combined.

We need more, the likelihood is that Palmer won't score another 25 goals next season. I think you can keep one, continue to bed them in and bring them along. It would be a pretty unlikely outcome for both to take a huge leap forwards next season.

Mudryk for instance, has 0 goals and 0 assists in 6-0 and 5-0 wins where he played almost 180 mins.

09 May 2024 19:10:49
RBD, if we play both the likelihood is we play 433 and that probably means our FB’s have to be defenders first and foremost.

Obviously that shape wouldn’t be set in stone but I can see us wanting to keep opposing defenders out wide to create gaps. Poch has recently got Mudryk playing with white dust on his boots and that has allowed Cucarella to play as an inverted FB because the opposition FB can’t go forward.

Anyway, this window will be interesting. Particularly on the sales side.

10 May 2024 10:06:16
just purely out of interest- aside from being quick. what is it that people see in mudryk. he's not shown much. i can't remember him having a decent game in his whole time here. forget the price tag. he looks way off being prem standard forget about a club that should be pushing up the table.

10 May 2024 11:27:13
Kaz, the lad has apparently had some personal/ family issues over the last year or so. Since he has been getting a run of games he has been offering the club a bit more game by game.
Also, for some strange reason teams are now doubling up on him and that helps the team generally.

10 May 2024 13:12:36
G8, agree you need two players in each position, but they need to be good players.

I think I've said my piece on Mudryk and don't want to bore everyone so I'll leave it at this:

6 goals in 18 months.

10 May 2024 19:18:58
kazblue re Mudryk if this makes sense and it probably doesn't I see something in Mudryk but I have no idea what it is I just feel he has something and will be a top player,

being from the Ukraine at the moment can't be easy.

11 May 2024 08:48:19
Best corner taker we’ve had in a long while. And when he’s deep he’s got a really good range of passing.



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