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02 Apr 2024 09:39:07
Generally speaking I think the owners and recruiters have done a good job in signing some real talent.

I think Gusto, Petrovic and Palmer are looking like shrewd bits of business.

I also think Mudryk will prove to be a good signing and Jackson has improved one hell of a lot throughout the season. He works hard in the channels and is beginning to bend his runs.

I have mixed feelings about Disasi. I didn't think he was an upgrade on Chalaboa, then I changed my mind when he had a few solid performances and in the last few games he has disappointed me again. I consider him work in progress.

Noni, I'm not sure about. One minute he looks class the next he is all over the place. I think he needs a lot of coaching and a long run in the team to be fairly judged.

For me Enzo and Caicedo are class players although I do think Enzo offers more further up the pitch.

I have said before how highly I rate Lavia and Nkunku was the player I was most looking forward to seeing this season. I really haven't seen enough of Ugo to have an opinion. Let's hope next season we will see all three strut there stuff.

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02 Apr 2024 13:25:12
Totally agree with your comments Tom but I do think it will need to be with a different coach at the helm.

Also there are rumours that we will possibly get a transfer ban due to the issues during Roman's reign therefore we might have to go with what we have plus loan players coming back.

02 Apr 2024 13:48:50
Bill I can’t see us getting a transfer ban. I think it will be a fine.

02 Apr 2024 14:08:23
Generally speaking I think the recruiters have done poorly given the amount spent with a few exceptions
We don't have even the beginning of an experienced spine in the team GK/ CB/ DM despite all the money that has been spent.
And the development or otherwise of most of the the younger players is in the lap of the gods currently.
We don't have one consistent CB and 2 of the options are inexperienced kids with Tiago past his best.
We have bought 4 inexperienced kids in midfield at great expense and sold a more experienced player to Leeds for £7m!
It's a shambles and anyone in there right mind would have bought at least one experienced player for each key position.
No manager in the world will change the squad deficiencies in the short term so everyone better get used to mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

02 Apr 2024 14:29:51
I like Ampadu as a footballer but I would hardly describe him as “experienced. ”
I also liked Billy Gilmour and I think that sale is more likely to come back and haunt us!

If I had a choice of Caicedo, Enzo, Gilmour and Ampadu, I know the two I would close to be starting in my team.

Petrovic looks to be a good signing and I like seeing him becoming more vocal as he gets more comfortable in the first team.

I do think we could have signed another defensive organiser with Silva coming to the end of his Chelsea career. The thing is, my first choice CH signing is the youn lad from SL.

02 Apr 2024 15:06:27
Ampadu has played 126 firstclass games including in Serie A and over 50 for Wales and he is a DM/ CB which would have helped a lot this season.
But we have spent around £80m on Lavia and the other kid who have less experience.
Go figure.
Petrovic is a number two at any of the other top sides.
Young players are generally inconsistent which is exactly why we are suffering with results.
Disasi for example is older but even he goes from World to Championship class in a few games.
How you manage such levels of inconsistency in the team I have no

02 Apr 2024 15:28:00
Go figure, Lavia will be a far better player in the premiership than Ampadu. I wouldn’t have a clue about Ugo as I haven’t seen enough of him to make a judgement.

The scouting team and recruitment team need to be applauded for uncovering Petrovic. I have no idea how his career will work out but so far he has been solid.

Inconsistency is often a trait of young players but it doesn’t seem to be the case for Palmer or Gusto.

02 Apr 2024 20:05:15
A very good summary Tom. As a football man myself, played, coached and managed it is very obvious to see the talent that both Moises and particuarly Enzo have. Both are young and developing but have supreme ability. Watch how Enzo sees things before others and plays on the front foot all the time. Sometimes it is not always to see the movement, the touches, the looks but he is a classy player and will only get better with better players around him making the moves for him to find. That said, I can see why some salivate over the likes of Conor and Ampadu, they see lots of heart and effort and running and lunging into tackles. The quality might be missing but they see work rate and associate that with class.

02 Apr 2024 21:02:03
The owners have done what they said they would do before taking over, the recruiters have got talent in, overspent doing it but got talented players in, probably £200m that we won’t see for few years which could of been used for now in a striker and w/ regards to the recruiters they haven’t done a good job building a team to compete. Addressing things that win games, experience, goalscorer. Height, leaders, we are £1b in and are looking for a striker, goalkeeper and Cb, that’s almost a spine of a team?

I’ve seen the outrage online that fans want communication from the owners, and Todd done a bit with Forbes and spoke about Chelsea, I though he spoke well, what he said was right, and i have been critical of owners / sporting directors but a lot of fans have made there minds up and there’s nothing they can do to change that, same with poch,

Hindsight is lovely and mistakes are there to see, buying noni for £25m more than we got for Cho on when there’s no clear upgrade, and injuries have killed us, apparel club are looking for a specialist to come in and get to bottom of the Injuries, poch said last week they know why there’s so many but can’t explain it, so who knows.

02 Apr 2024 23:02:53
Matt, you mention the term “overspent. ” The club signed at least three players who’s fee was almost out of there control. Of course they could have walked away and the fans would then have moaned about a lack of ambition.

I didn’t want us to sell CHO but I did think the move would be best for the player. I see Mudryk as a replacement for him and Noni as replacement for Ziyech.

The injury issue I see as a premiership problem but we are Chelsea fans and that’s all that bothers us.

03 Apr 2024 09:51:21
Mudryk is a huge upgrade on CHO and Noni is also an upgrade on Ziech.

03 Apr 2024 13:44:29
what has shown u so far that mudryk is a huge upgrade on CHO and Noni upgrade on Ziyech both have been massive flops for me and shown no sign of any sort of consistancy or a reason to give them a run of games, mudryk and noni and 2 of the poorer signings under boehly, il add ridicolous signings like caicedo and ughcukwu into that mix and that washington kid looks another mistake, we seem to be getting lucky with fofana they mite even sneak a small profit off him if he scores another 3 or 4 goals on loan at burnley, but without been negative guys the signings under boehly has been embarrassing, we needed a leader and a dominant CM we signed caicedo instead of rice? we needed a 10 to replace mount and 2 be fair we got it right with palmer great signing, but then u see the catastrophic errors with koulibaly, Sanchez, Noni, Mudryk, Fofana x 2, Sterling_ Il add to that do i don't think any of us would of expected the sterling signing to turn out to be as poor as it has he's been a shaddow of d player he was at city and i won't criticise him to much because he's had a fantastic career and i have to respect that, cucurella another embarrassingly over paid transfer, the way boehly an co cleared out club men like cech and people like marina has all the looks to be disasterous aswell so far, theyv got nearly everything wrong so far but surely now this opens there eyes and they mite start to get stuff right.

{Ed001's Note - Boehly did not clear out Cech and Marina, they chose to quit and he asked them to reconsider but they said no.}

03 Apr 2024 15:02:34
I’m not sure we signed Caicedo instead of the player now playing for the gooners. As far as I know we never put an offer for the ex happy hammer.

It would be very unusual given the amount of signings we have made that some players didn’t turn out to be mistakes.

In my opinion Ziyech is one of the worst signings that Roman ever made and that includes Bakayoko. So, if Noni isn’t an upgrade on him that will be a surprise to me.

03 Apr 2024 14:47:04
Thats good to no thanks ed unfortunetly we don't always hear the right information as supporters so thanks for that info, what's your take on the whole thing so far under boehly bit chaotic? but potential to change?

{Ed001's Note - very welcome. It has been a mess so far, they tried to do too much, too quick. It has ended up taking you backwards a little instead, but that's what happens when you try to do everything at once. They just need to get settled in and learn the league.}

05 Apr 2024 08:08:06
Hopefully over time things settle, i do think they are lucky in a sense as a lot of the players of so young they may profit off a few of them like fofana etc, and the over hyped signings like mudryk enzo and caicedo and cucurella you can only say have been a total disaster i do thing cucurella being sold this summer do will be good business at any price and id hope badiashille is flogged aswell over chalobah.



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