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28 Mar 2024 08:51:48
I said when we got caceido we didn't need to spend £60m on lavia, it's been a horrible transfer for reasons out of control of the player, potentially a brilliant player still and hopefully next season he is fresh and injury free and the transfer turns out to be a success,

A concern in general, lavia was oringially out for a while, came back, got injured v palace, has been training and a set back, then nkunku. Comes back after lay off, set back, ugochuckwu was only for couple weeks, turned into 6 and it's been 12 weeks, why so many set backs once players get back involved in training, is poch running them into the ground with his training which have been mentioned previously?

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28 Mar 2024 11:08:57
Many of the signings have been disasters to be honest but you do have to feel for lavia. No idea what's going on but 60m is a massive fee and being able to play for about 20 minutes for the club has been appalling.

28 Mar 2024 13:12:22
The club sold Jorginho, Mount and Kovacic. Kante also left along with a loaned player.

Of course we needn’t have replaced any of them but I’m sure some fans would have had the hump with playing youth team players or maybe defenders in midfield.

The club buys and sells players most seasons, this is not a new owner thing.

We can all have different views on what signings are a “disaster. ” A bit like Werner, Ziyech or Lukaku but no owner sets out to sign players who don’t work out at a club. Players that don’t work out happens at every club.

Lavia is a top class player and in my opinion will prove to be good value in the seasons to come.

The club had no idea he was going to get injured and play virtually no part in our season. To criticise the club for this signing is totally and utterly ridiculous.

28 Mar 2024 13:25:58
They had the fact he suffered with a hamstring injury which sidelined him for 55 days to consider.
Also Nkunku was out for half the season with injuries before he joined the club.
The scale of injuries we have experienced has gone well beyond bad luck now.
It's likely a mixture issues including, fitness levels when they join, treatment of the injuries and training methodologies.

28 Mar 2024 14:27:23
I’m happy to say I’m not an expert in medical examinations pre signing or during the season.

I would suggest that for some reason a lot of clubs this season have suffered with significant increases in in player injuries.

I have my own uneducated theory on the high amount of injuries in the premiership.

28 Mar 2024 16:16:19
For me the only signing this season that could be described as a "disaster" would be Tonali at Newcastle. and I still wouldn't use such a word. The lad needs help.

28 Mar 2024 20:47:33
Not blaming the owners/ recruitment team or the players themselves, but to have spent £190m on Lavia, Nkuku and W. Fofana and for them to have played about an hour of football this season for us is a disaster. I have hope they’ll turn out to be excellent signings but on the other hand, that money could have got us Osimhen or a couple other signings which could have actually contributed this season.

We need to figure out how/ why these injuries have happened and work to fix it asap. Even if we were to get Osimhen and Bellingham and Musiala etc, if we continue to have half our squad out injured at any one point, we won’t begin to see any progress.

28 Mar 2024 22:15:11
We have three players in Nkunku/ Lavia/ Ugochukwu who haven't played more than a few minutes in the PL so it clearly isn't the rigours of the competition.
If spending £140m on those three isn't a disaster then god knows what qualifies.
And of course the £8/ 10m in wages down the drain.

28 Mar 2024 23:38:03
All players have to pass a rigorous medical. All players are paid if they are injured, playing rubbish or playing brilliantly.

The owners, managers, medical team, recruitment team and most fans don’t have the benefit or luxury of hindsight when players are signed.

29 Mar 2024 00:34:31
Of course it is disastrous but that doesn't mean the situation cannot change. I'm hopeful.

29 Mar 2024 09:45:02
For all concerned injuries are a “disaster” but in my opinion our signings do not look like a “disaster. ”

I have very little concerns about impact injuries, these things happen. I do have issues about pitches “that don’t take a stud. ” Putting a small amount of water on a firm pitch seems bizarre to me! Also, I think player rotation could well be having an effect on player being match hardened. If that makes sense.

29 Mar 2024 16:55:42
To be fair I meant more disastrous on a personal note for him,

His contract is a long one so we will get plenty of time to see him, just mean the signing wasn’t “ needed “ and not been able to help the team,

29 Mar 2024 10:05:59
They are currently advertising a new Head of Medical Performance which might elude to the points made above. We have reportedly cut our wage bill by £80 from 22/ 23 to 23/ 24, plus the comments from Ed re: PSR compliance, hopefully people will see the owners are addressing the issues at hand.

29 Mar 2024 19:35:48
Matt, I strongly disagree about needing a player like Lavia.

He was brilliant against us at our place and totally bossed the middle of the park in that match. We have sold or released four midfielders I can think of and we needed quality to replace those players and that’s what I truly believe we have signed.



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