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01 May 2024 15:54:37
Big ange said his injuries not good, Werner and left back out.

Chelsea have 14 (fourteen) first team players out for spurs, lol but we should be competing.

Poch needs to lay off on the intense training cos this is getting longer not shorter,

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01 May 2024 16:49:55
Matt, I have no idea if the majority of our injuries this season are as a result of “intense training, ” whatever that really is?

Remember both JT and Lamps saying the training and practice match sessions were FULL ON and made games seem easy.

Maybe, just maybe the trading isn’t intense enough. Or, maybe it’s just bad luck.

01 May 2024 17:17:23
Didn’t know we could attend and watch training sessions, need to pop along and watch sometime.

Looks like Disasi and Silva are out for tomorrow’s game too. So imagine the team will be:

Gilchrist Chalobah Badiashile Cucurella
Caicedo Gallagher
Madueke Palmer Mudryk/ Casadei

Tough choice between Mudryk and Casadei. I’d probably start Casadei as Mudryk’s been poor but Spurs play such a high line, Mudryk’s pace could be good if we ping balls in behind.

Slight possibility we might see Colwill, Nkunku and James on the bench but think it might be a bit too early for James and Nkunku. Not sure if Sterling has recovered, think he was only ill and not injured on the weekend so he might be back.

01 May 2024 18:29:03
The club need to get to the notoom of the injuries, we can't have the same issue next season.

01 May 2024 20:51:36
The idea that Poch is jeopardising players by approaching training without any concern for already injured and Injury prone players is to be polite nonsense.
The club will be monitoring not only training but recovery and all medical aspects of players recovery given the unprecedented injuries this season.
The answer won't be one dimensional that much is certain.
To focus purely on the manager smacks of a major agenda.

01 May 2024 20:51:58
I think casadei should play central mid, great in the air. Hell of a shot too. I’d play mudryk up front.

01 May 2024 22:16:23
Reports / rumours are of intense training,
Ricky lambert when at Southampton has spoke about poch training sessions and how much running is involved. Danny rose has said how much running is involved, and that it’s the session before match day, Ricky lambert has even told a story of how he was asked as captain to approach poch and say how the boys are struggling with training. Poch was ah, ok I see, I see.

The boys went into training and they had double running. So this isn’t me attending training or presuming. It’s going off stories, ex players accounts reports and fact we have had 59 injuries this season.

And yes, some are knocks and contact and come are out of our hands, but in general. It’s been a massive concern. Ugochuckwu was 2 week injury, it’s been months. Sanchez and Sterling not played but picking up injuries. Nkunku meant to been back 4 weeks ago, lavia, set backs, disasi played 10 min, now injured, look how many games disasi missed for Monaco last 2 years. Chilwell come on for 19 min v city and he has been out since.

01 May 2024 22:27:34
I thought Caicedo was suspended for this game following his yellow card against Aston Villa? Happy to be wrong though!

01 May 2024 22:50:56
Steve, Caicedo isn’t suspended. There is a reset after 32 games.

Matt as I’ve already posted both Lamps and JT both said that training under Jose was very aggressive and combative. There seemed to be fewer injuries at that time.

It’s be said many times there will almost certainly be an end of season injury review. I very much doubt it will be just one thing. Other clubs also seemed to have had more injuries as usual as well. I think there should be a league review as well as a club review.

02 May 2024 01:15:47
Is Poch running training sessions for Liverpool? Or Newcastle? What’s to blame for their injuries this season?

The belief that Poch is ignoring medical advice and running players barely back from injury into the ground is farcical. I’m guessing Poch was also responsible for us having the highest amount of injuries in Europe from 2021-2023, despite not being our manager at the time?

02 May 2024 07:03:38
I think footballers are plying too much football. Needless country games and tournaments. They don’t seem to get a rest.

02 May 2024 08:26:27
I agree BLUEBOY1, the players do play a lot of football and the intensity is high as well but as Tom said the Jose players used to compete full on in training with no real issues? Maybe lifestyle plays a part? Also, buying players who have injury records? Fofana, Disasi certainly fall into that category. To put it on Poch with all the available data and advice he receives daily is a bit much to be fair.

02 May 2024 10:39:20
Nkunku also injured I think in season before we bought him and James and Chilwell serial injury probs too.

02 May 2024 12:03:33
Good point JBS, Nkunku as well. Maybe steer well clear of players recovering from injuries and also the players who like to party.

02 May 2024 12:16:47
Yes G8 and judging the character of a player, inner strength to resist all the temptations that wealth and fame brings if this likely to affect their game, and determination to be the very best they can surely as important as their skill level. Frankie Lampard an outstanding example here as of course has been Thiago Silva.

02 May 2024 18:53:30
JBS, Lampard didn’t start out as the most technically gifted player but improved season by season by hard work and having a football brain. A lot of young players think they have made it by 22 and don’t develop. We have have had and have some of these players. CHO was a prime example particularly after interest from BM. These type of players need strong management or failing that a kick up the a**e.



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