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29 Apr 2024 21:19:16
I thought Noni was brilliant against Villa, the boy gets stick from some but just look at the talent. Yes, he made a mistake with the penalty fiasco, yes, he needs to work harder in defence but he is a talent, big, strong, quick and direct with a goal in him as well. About time he got some praise.

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30 Apr 2024 08:17:09
Has had some really good games recently will be interesting to see how he develops has an eye for goal good dribbler to my mind he doesn't have his head up enough to view his options but undeniably a talent.

30 Apr 2024 08:43:06
He has certainly improved throughout the season. I’m still not totally convinced but I think it was Ed001 who sad that the lad needs good coaching.

Another player who has improved throughout the season.

30 Apr 2024 09:09:01
Good player but my only concern with him is is attitude.

30 Apr 2024 09:51:45
Were you concerned about Ballacks attitude when he tried to take a penalty instead of Lamps? All a bit unseemly from my recollection and he was an experienced player, but it didn't affect his attitude going forward.
Likewise Noni infact he's played well since Wembley/ Pen incidents.
And he is still a kid coming to terms with playing for a big club so he should be cut some slack.

30 Apr 2024 10:51:29
Love Noni too, G8. Thought he was stand-out during the tailend of last season. He's worked really hard to improve on the defensive aspect during the last few months, which was my main concern about him, because he's obviously massively skilful going forwards – if he can keep working on his game and decision making he's going to be some player. These are young kids with very few seasoned pros in the dressing room to guide them – I think Poch should get no little credit for this aspect of the situation.

30 Apr 2024 10:54:13
The penalty argument that stands out for me was between Drogba and Lamps. It was also an important pen as we were going for the title and Drogba wanted the golden boot. Eventually aLamos took it and scored but Drogba had the right hump. I would add that at no stage did JT or Carlo get involved in the on field argument.

30 Apr 2024 11:02:04
EdW. I agree Poch should be given credit for players performances improving throughout the season.

I can only think of 2/ 3 players who’s play hasn’t generally improved throughout the course of this season.

30 Apr 2024 15:08:28
You'right EdW and as have saiud myself not sure more than a hadful of managers could have done much better and many would have done perhaps a good deal worse.

30 Apr 2024 18:20:18
Which does not mean Poch cannot be criticised in terms of getting line-ups or substitions wrong - which he has on occasions. Yet in terms of odd line-ups, and some substitutions, this might be a matter of trying obver his first season to look at all the players properly, give them game time, so that the right decisions can be made about swho should stay or who should go - subject to this being possible! - in this coming transfer window. Who should stay, from what Poch and we have seen, should surely include, CG, CP, MG, TC, Enzo, MC, CC, NJ (as winger), and assuming head right NM. Quite a lot of others in the should probably keep too column. RJ if ever regains proper fitness should be an easy must keep but one worries about his fitness as most of us do, along with that of BC.

A manager can also be criticised perhaps for being seemingly unable to get players off to fast starts at start of games or after intervals, or to be entirely focused for whole of game. But players also responsible for this as they most certainly are for obvious blunders in front of goal or at the back.

01 May 2024 08:41:30
I think Poch will be given another chance but he needs to improve his half time team talk.

01 May 2024 13:50:32
Agreed Bill – we've often been shocking after half time.

And with JBS (although I've personally not seen anything from him that suggests we should keep Cucurella! ) – line-ups might have been an aspect of trial and error with a squad that was seemingly built with no sense of coherence. But one can also question why for example, if the goal was to learn about the players, he never tried Maatsen in his natural position?

Anyway, although I've found many of Poch's decisions baffling and have seen obvious negatives, I don't believe we can keep cycling between managers, and don't want to keep cycling between managers. To change that culture, as the new owners said they would, at some point you have to show some steel. If we continue to fire and hire a potential long-term manager will simply not look at the club as a viable place to pitch up.



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