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15 Apr 2024 21:24:33
That win ruined but idiots trying to take the ball off palmer, Jackson and noni, selfish idiots, palmer takes pens, why add more pressure to him, poch needs to tell them, idiots. It's a TEAM game, really dampened a phenomenal performance .

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15 Apr 2024 22:02:47
Game was won Poch probably didn't want to make it a bigger issue but should of taken Jackson and Noni off instantly.

15 Apr 2024 22:13:02
Had thought the same seymns Poch needed to assert some authority.

But at last a game when we take almost all of our goid chances and CP truly outstanding with Caicedo with one of his best performances, Jackson excellent except his silly penalty childishness and Madueke almost ditto.

Both Jackson and Caicedo on 9 yellows now get reservations 0.

So quite sine might for celebrations even if we still looked shakey in defence at times or careless with some passes. But going forward we were really exciting almost always.

15 Apr 2024 22:24:11
Agreed, that was a great performance that was needed after a couple of shaky teams against the sides as good as down. I really don’t understand what happened with the penalty and what worries me is this isn’t the first time this has happened, Madueke has tried to take one off Palmer at least once before this. How has Poch not made it absolutely clear that Palmer is the penalty taker?

15 Apr 2024 22:26:01
Missed the game because it was a 5am game for me but will watch the extended highlights soon.

I have seen the madueke and Jackson incident. Absolutely embarrassing. Poch shoukd have taken them both off instantly. They appear to have a bad attitude problem.

15 Apr 2024 23:12:30
Embarrassing from Jackson and Madueke, both of them were selfish and petulant, it’s good that they want to score but you can’t behave like that.

Great performance other than that, Palmer superb as usual, level with Haaland for the golden boot with 6 games to go, incredible signing.

15 Apr 2024 23:22:10
Poch in his press conference said the players know who takes the penalties and it’s Palmer. He was very angry about a situation that was agreed pre match. He expressed his anger in the dressing room post match.

Hope that is the last time that happens.

15 Apr 2024 23:51:25
At 4-0 I don’t mind another player taking the penalty in that situation, opposite of Sterling taking it in the cup when we were 1-0 up. But if players are going to throw handbags about it then it’s best that it’s 100% palmer 100% of the time, even if another player is on a hattrick.

16 Apr 2024 09:21:34
It’s a shame that a good performance has been somewhat overshadowed by the penalty incident. Someone said Poch has dealt with it, well let’s hope he has but it shouldn’t have happened again. His weak, waffling response to the previous penalty incident has probably contributed to what happened last night. IMO, the designated penalty taker should always take it whatever the situation. If the penalty was awarded it a tight game, that sort of behaviour could unnerve the penalty taker. That said, in that scenario the players involved would probably be walking away quickly from the penalty spot. One or two suggestions that Enzo shouldn’t be starting; that’s worrying considering how much we paid for him and that he is reportedly about to get a contract extension.

16 Apr 2024 11:19:24
Thank god Gallagher stepped in this time.

18 Apr 2024 07:03:44
Connor earned his stripes as captain last night on two counts, 1 he walked in took the ball and gave it to Palmer, immediately putting an end to an embarrassing situation. Every team has the designated penalty taker, who, as Jimbo rightly points out, takes the penalty if he is on the field ala Lampard. Lampard only once gave the ball to another, that was Makalele with a 3 goal lead and the title won.
The 2nd (and most important) thing Connor did was he played his positional role in a holding 2, no haring off wide right or left trying to make things happen, sat where he was supposed to be which allowed Caicedo to have his best game in a Chelsea shirt this season. I'd be interested to see the distance covered by Connor in this game, I'd bet the least in any game this season, and by far his best performance. In a talented squad like we have, you only have to do what you do best to enhance a performance, not try to carry the team!
As an aside, can you imagine if Noni or Jackson had done what they did under Jose, Carlo or Tuchel, have a seat guys, bench at best! See you next week if your attitude improves!



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