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08 Apr 2024 21:36:14
I kept my powder dry for 24 hours so I could absorb and take in the season. We are a very talented group of young players who have proved themselves very capable of rising to the occasion and playing well against the top sides bar the scousers away (we played very well against them at home), the goals are now coming and chances are being created (bring in a worldy striker please) . Enzo gets stick from the keyboard warriors but he plays so many lovely balls that would count as assist after assist if our striker/ s could take the chances (put him in a finished side (City/ scousers) and the pundits would be salivating over him) . I have said for a while now we are nearly there and our problems are three-fold.1.Our centre backs need upgrading, Silva is ageing and Levi is injured, Fofana is injured and the jury is still out on Disasi and BB and big Trev (who I like), we do need to recruit 2 world class centre backs and we challenge at that top table! 2, as I said earlier we need that worldy striker (Harry Kane would be my choice) and 3, we need a keeper to compete with the very promising but raw Petrovic. 6th place and The Europa is possible but at the end of the day does that matter that much? maybe it does? What else do we need? We need a head coach who can win the tight games, a head coach who can go toe to toe with the best out there (Klopp) in Cup Finals, a head coach who can get over the line against so called lesser teams, a head coach who doesn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, a head coach who is on the front foot at 2-1 up and kills the game at 3-1 with the proactive use of subs. Hard to find? yes. out there? yes. Fine lines but we are not far away and finally a special mention for Noni, not many chances this season and gets a lot of stick but his stats for England this season (all be it junior 21's) are good and he turned the game v utd and scored yesterday but never gets a mention? Anyway, just my take on things.

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08 Apr 2024 22:06:26
G8, hindsight’s is a wonderful tool to use even when it works again my own match day comments.

I was recently critical of Poch for not making a definitive substitution against Burnley and then I’m critical of making defensive substitutions against Sheffield Utd.

How fickle are some (me) supporters!

08 Apr 2024 23:21:41
Couple points, Enzo gets stick because he hasn't been good at chelsea. He was brought in as this great midfeilder and has been outperformed massively by Gallagher who everyone on here hates.

Secondly, to say we're almost there and ready to challenge after 2 world class CB's, a world class striker, a new goalkeeper and a new manager is a bit ludicrous to me. That's 3 positions you want 'world class players for'. Essentially a further 240m investment for the 3 players and a goalkeepeer.

With this club it's 2 steps forward one step back at this point in time. After the highs of United i pleaded caution and next game we get outplayed by the team in last place. Lots of work to do.

09 Apr 2024 05:54:18
Standard, total rubbish.! Not “everyone hates” Gallagher.

If an agreement for a new contract can’t be reached he will almost certainly be sold. The vast, vast majority of fans would prefer him to stay, including me.

09 Apr 2024 06:29:06
Standard how exactly has cg put performed enzo? Imo cg is one of the players that makes Chelsea inconsistent, he stick to his role and occasionally does well and I will be happy if he's replaced with an upgrade.
G8 I agree with you on the manager misfit at Chelsea. Poch is never the manager for a Chelsea team, he's not a winner and not even inspiring. He's a botler and seems allergic to winning trophies even when presented. The worst possible manager for Chelsea we can run upto 10 years or more without a tephy and could play in almost all the finals. For me has to go in the summer.

09 Apr 2024 11:49:07
It's been clear for a while that maybe with the exception of Colwill our CB are not fit for purpose and need replacing.
In addition we have two goalkeepers who would struggle to be 2nd choice at a top club.
So no one should be surprised that we are defensively vulnerable.
Infront of a poor defence we have two currently tired midfield players neither of whom is defensively strong.
Personally at some point I would like to see Caicedo/ Lavia with Fernandez given more freedom to influence the attacking side of the game.
We certainly need a more experienced striker infact it's pretty much a new spine unless Lavia remains fit and makes progress .

09 Apr 2024 12:06:53
I agree about seeing Enzo play further up the pitch and I think Lavia is class but is he DM or is his position further upfield as well?

09 Apr 2024 13:10:48
Lavia from what I have seen is more defensively minded than our other options but not strictly a ball winning DM.
That's why I think a Lavia/ Caicedo base in midfield would make us more solid.
Both are capable box to box players and could rotate and cover one another.

09 Apr 2024 13:22:06
I agree with the majority of your post G8.

However, the fact that you can make a reasonable argument that Chelsea still need to sign a striker, winger, defensive midfielder, centre back and goalkeeper after spending close to a billion pounds is a damning indictment of the job the sporting directors/ scouts are doing.

09 Apr 2024 14:30:51
Strangely I think I posted last season on how good Lavia was as a player and he totally bossed our midfielders at the bridge.

I would have loved to have seen a bit more of Ugo this season because to me he looks an out and out DM.

09 Apr 2024 14:40:52
Not everyone Tom for sure but Gallagher cops the most stick out of our midfeild 3 and he's been the best one by far in almost every metric.

RBD, precisely. Its been an absolute waffle job so far though injuries definitely haven't helped. We will have to see but currently its very damning on the recruitment.

09 Apr 2024 14:43:53
That's the spine of any team that is required to compete at the top level.
Anyone building a new side would look to an experienced - Goalkeeper/ 2CB/ Strong midfield player and Striker and make other signings based on budget after those positions have been filled.
Instead we sign both Monaco CB a third choice keeper from Brentford and a group of talented kids who might make the grade in 2/ 5 years time.
Then wonder why we are inconsistent and defensively vulnerable.

09 Apr 2024 15:24:17
A few points to raise, first being that in spite of my comment above, I largely agreed with the thinking behind most signings. It's more the prioritisation of the signings and the fees paid relative to need that I have disagreed with.

To my eye, the problem the midfield has is that there is no one who screens the defence. We have players that can do it at the expense of what makes them very good. I assume the thinking is that they want Enzo to ping passes, Caicedo to win the ball back and initiate counters, Lavia to collect the ball and drive into the opposition half? We need someone sitting and screening.

A Lavia-Caicedo partnership asks Enzo to play as a 10, which people have moaned on this site about ad nauseum. An Enzo-Caicedo partnership needs Gallagher to plug the gaps they leave. Lavia-Enzo means you have to drop the 115m pound man because he can't play as a 10 and you'll still need Gallagher. Even if you did bring in a DM who actually screens the defence, you're still going to need to drop one of 'the big 3'.

This all then goes back in a big boring circle to questioning why we bought who we bought.

09 Apr 2024 16:11:23
RBD and others on this thread.

I keep seeing Caicedo being isolated as a DM with both CG and EF to often giving him zero support. I am one of the fans who sees EF best position as being further up the pitch. Our injuries throughout the season has meant that Poch has virtually been unable to find out the best combination. Let me also add I don’t believe the transfer fee will or should dictate team selection.

I personally would have liked to have seen Ugo play alongside Caicedo but injuries have prevented that.

We are left scratching our heads a bit because without Lavia and Ugo we have not much of idea if our midfield needs to be strengthened.

Let’s also be fair about our CH’s the owners had every right to think that BB would conothe fantastic form he showed last season and that Fofana was over his injury issues. The Disasi signing I’m sti not convinced about even though he did have a purple patch, I am not convinced he is better than Chalaboa. Also, I an only see LC playing as a CH next season as it seems like Cucarella may well be leaving if Utd take up there interest. For next season I would sign the CH from Sporting Lisbon because he just looks class. I would sell BB, Humphrey’s and reluctantly Chalaboa.

I can also sort of understand how the club decided to go with Jackson, Nkunku, Broja, Fofana and Washington when there first choice ST wasn’t available. For next season I would expect us to sell Broja, continue with a loan for Fofana and find a loan for Washington. I would sign Osimhen.

The owners didn’t plan for the injuries and while I don’t like making excuses for the club or the manager. Let’s be honest, the situation hasn’t worked out very kindly for us.

09 Apr 2024 17:13:13
Let's have it right, Enzo has played further up the pitch on numerous occasions this season and in almost every instance the review after the game has been that he needs to operate deeper in order to have the space to play his game.

There are so many problems that show up week in week out at the moment that its hard to list them all off concisely, but pertaining to Caicedo in particular its true he is often left being asked to make the best decision out of a handful of diabolical choices. Wingers don't come back and defend, Enzo struggles to cover the ground and Gallagher is asked to press from higher up.

Can anyone on here actually explain to me how an Enzo-Lavia-Caicedo midfield would operate given none of them score or assist, none of them screen the defence, none of them win headers (Caicedo if you really squint does) and the entire team tends to disintegrate when Gallagher doesn't play? I just don't see it so if someone thinks differently please let's discuss because I could use some positivity heading into next season.

For all the talk about other deficiencies in the squad, that's 300m of talent that has been outperformed by a player from the academy that was clear to all who have eyes as being earmarked as a banker of a sale by those in charge.

09 Apr 2024 17:47:58
RBD, the vast majority of games this season Enzo has been asked to play far deeper than I personally think benefits his game. On the odd occasions he has been allowed to play further up the pitch he has created chances.

I can only fairly judge Lavia as a player at Southampton. For me he was a class act. With Ugo it’s difficult because I have seen so little of him.

If we assume CG is going to be sold (I hope not) we may well have four midfielders who are all top class. Also, we have a couple of possible additions to that four within the club that could also present solutions. I’m not going to judge players I’ve seen so little of in a Chelsea shirt.

CG has had a good season but when he hasn’t played I don’t recall walking away from a match thinking the team disintegrated because he wasn’t playing.

09 Apr 2024 23:52:08
100% RBD.

10 Apr 2024 01:04:03
Not sure why Enzo has to play as a 10 if we play a Lavia/ Caicedo combo. There are plenty of sides which play a midfield 3 of 1 DM + 2 B2B players, Liverpool is just one example.

I like Gallagher, I want him to stay, but he also sells the team short by diving into tackles or charging to press a player leaving our midfield exposed.

In defence it’s been really difficult with the constant injuries. Disasi had a purple patch but has been off his game recently, was never really sure why he was needed last summer tbh, but he’s also been shuffled between RB and CB and hasn’t had the opportunity to form any sort of partnership at the back. I’m pretty sure him and Badiashile played fairly well together at the start of the season though.

Personally I think we need a ST first and foremost. Don’t particularly think we need any CM’s/ DM’s even if Gallagher leaves. At CB it depends if anyone leaves apart from Silva and Chaloboa. A lot will depend on the fitness of players too. GK is a tough one for me, I don’t see us getting Maignan, been linked with the Valencia GK Mamardashvili but he’s only 23 too. Maybe Diogo Costa but think he’s valued at 60m or so. Otherwise I’m not sure there’s many around that are a massive improvement. If Sterling leaves I’d like Olise to come in.

But mainly we just need to get players fully fit and staying fit.

{Ed001's Note - I have to ask, how is Gallagher charging to press leaving the midfield exposed? Surely they should be using that as a trigger to apply a press across the team? So the fault is with the other players. That is how it works at Liverpool, when one player goes to press, the rest adjust accordingly. What you are actually talking about is poor coaching, not a player's error. The team is not working together as a team, which is the basic level of coaching that a head coach should impart. His whole job is to bring them together as a group and work with each other. He has had nearly a full season of Gallagher playing a central role in the team and he still hasn't managed to organise his team to fit who he plays. That is a reason to sack Pochettino right there.}

10 Apr 2024 04:01:21
Other than from opposition goal kicks, I don’t see us as a team with any sort of “press”

I assume fuser means CG can make rash challenges.

Anyway,! we all see performances differently.

10 Apr 2024 08:28:13
Thankyou ED01 for your input, it is so glaringly obvious that Poch needs to go that if Roman was still around he would of sacked him 10 times over by now!

{Ed001's Note - it would be a huge surprise to me if he was not replaced in the summer. It is patently not working, the players are playing better as individuals rather than it being about good team performances that are getting the results.}

10 Apr 2024 09:43:00
If you want Chelsea to play like Liverpool all you'd need to do is hire Klopp, pray James stays fit because Gusto isn't nearly good enough defensively, then buy a new GK, LW, RW, and CB and bank on each becoming at worst the second best player in the league in each position. Oh and even then, who is your Fabinho? Because it sure isn't one of Caicedo, Enzo or Lavia.

There's nothing I can add on Gallagher that Ed001 hasn't covered in his typically excellent reply.

The rest I largely agree with. Though given Kane and Osimhen are seemingly unlikely to join I think I would keep the faith with Jackson.

10 Apr 2024 10:41:59
RBD, made my points about our manager before the club decided to sign him.

I think you will be proved very wrong about Caicedo, Lavia and Enzo.

I also think Osimhen will join us instead of PSG.

If we do sign a CH as i've said the lad from Sporting Lisbon looks class and I have a mate who raves about Braithwaite and the toffees may well need to sell.

Unfortunately Klopp isn’t going to manage us but it will be interesting to see who starts as our manager next season.

10 Apr 2024 11:14:23
Fingers crossed Tom! I'd love to be proven wrong on this, sounds pithy saying it, but all anyone wants on this site is for Chelsea to do well.

10 Apr 2024 11:24:32
RBD, spot on mate.

Last season I thought the best two midfielders I saw besides those playing for City and one for the happy hammers was Caicedo and Lavia. I’m sure they will come good and for those interested in value in my opinion Lavia will prove a bigger bargain than Palmer.

As far as managers are concerned, if Poch is sacked I would love Carlo back but that ain’t happening. The guy from SL looks scouser bound so now I am looking at as many Feyenoord games as I can find.

10 Apr 2024 11:44:22
Cannot agree more RBD and thankyou. You've explained my thoughts in a way better way than I could ever type so thankyou.

10 Apr 2024 12:28:42
RBD. Fabinho doesn't play for Liverpool so I don't quite get your post? Tom. Totally agree with you about Lavia, we have missed him a lot this season and him alongside Moises or Conor with Enzo further forward would be a fantastic midfield 3. Carney can also play in a midfield 3 so Moises, Enzo, Lavia, Carney and Conor competing for 3 starting places would be my choice.

10 Apr 2024 12:51:10
G8, we currently have seven CM’s in our squad, unfortunately three of them have had virtually season long injuries and another only came back in the last window. Add to that we have the young lad Santos, who looks useful out on loan.

So, we have ended up with just three players playing the vast majority of games.

10 Apr 2024 13:47:30
Tom, 100% correct. Injuries have cost us dearly. I do believe the plan was to probably pair Lavia and Moises as 6's and give Enzo a bit of freedom to both collect the ball deep when needed and also find those lovely passes further forward. Moises and Lavia giving the protection when needed but also breaking forward to support the attacks. Hopefully we can see that next season with Carney, Conor and as you rightly say one of either Ugo or Santos competing for that 6th spot.

10 Apr 2024 16:17:16
My point concerning Fabinho is that he screened the defence for that really top Liverpool team, which is a profile we lack currently despite the midfielders that we've purchased. Ed001 may want to correct me, but Endo appears to be filling that role in the Liverpool team this season.

11 Apr 2024 00:16:57
Ed001, I wasn’t saying it wasn’t a manager issue. Poch should either be training the players to press alongside Gallagher or telling Gallagher not to press by himself. That is on the manager if he’s not doing that. All I see is Gallagher diving in and opposition players just going straight through our midfield ??‍♂️ not just with pressing either, when the opposition is counter attacking he’ll dive into a tackle and be completely bypassed.

{Ed001's Note - you did write it like it was Gallagher's fault though, as you were talking about how he leaves the midfield exposed.}

11 Apr 2024 08:01:16
It’s not stick if it’s valid, sometimes his been amazing, other times his gone missing, and enzo on Sunday was very poor which the stats proved, and I know you didn’t mean me with the keyboard warrior as I have been very much on the bandwagon with enzo, and unfortunately see him as a Madridsta who could take over from modric / kroos at some point. anyway,

Noni flying for u21 against Azerbaijan u21, and Luxembourg u21, hardly the measuring stick is it, but like you say, hasn’t had too many chances, has only really looked good as an impact sub, most starts in league and despite a very good goal, overall, another poor game Sunday

And the manager points or the issues, I agree, we haven’t had a settled back line, Fofana who is class can’t be relied upon nor can James, that’s massive issue. Silva is a leader but with him we play 20 yards deeper and that seems to ruin any pressing or build up play, or “ patterns” for the fans of football buzzwords,
Badiahile again I was a fan, seems a different player, disasi is a squad player. Does ok, some good fames ans some not so good, the the question is, these two partnered for Monaco and wernt solid. Did we think they’d be better in premier league? Then there’s the players were linked with, not only very expensive, but young, in there first or second full seasons at respective clubs. I’m still waiting for some more astute signings like we thought we were getting, the ones that cost £5m and could go for £105m, this Brighton model we seem to of tried to imitated poorly,

Now. a striker. A world class striker moves us up the table, whoever the manager is. What mangers out there are available and clearly an improvement on poch, give poch a striker and cb and a no1 goalkeeper and who knows. My issues have always been how we have spent £1b and we still need a spine of a team and vital positions. That’s pretty unacceptable surely people can see that, and also if we want a project aren’t we going to give a manager more than a year before moving them on,
1) keep poch for one more season to see a settle environment
2) no more Brazilian wonder kids for 2030 but a ST CB AND GK who are ready made and improve is NOW
3) better luck with injuries - find a solution or the cause
4) stop signing so many, use the academy for squad players and opportunities,
5) smaller squad, move on lots of players still, if injuries carry over to next season, promote from within and fill spots. Less pressure on them and they’d have more patience and support given by us fans.

11 Apr 2024 19:18:20
I enjoyed your post Matt.



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