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21 Mar 2024 09:49:51
So Fabrizio Remano, a VERY reliable football reporter has reported that Gallagher asking for wages that are excessively high is untrue, and it's more of a case of chelsea not knowing what they want to do with him and potential necessity of selling him due to our excessive spending and FFP worries.


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21 Mar 2024 11:54:05
If you choose to read comics that is your choice. Why not trust what the ED's on here say?

{Ed001's Note - it is not so much that. It is that you need to question where he would have got the info from. Romano would have got it from Gallagher's agent, so it will be coloured by his bias. What he considers excessively high might be totally different from what any of the rest of us would think.}

21 Mar 2024 12:19:14
Thanks ED for clearing that up.

{Ed001's Note - he may be right, that is the thing, but you do need to take it with a pinch of salt due to the source. It might very well be that he is making very reasonable requests and the issue is simply the club viewing him as an easy money maker to sell. But Romano is only giving one side of the story, so you always have to bear that in mind.

And you are very welcome.}

21 Mar 2024 12:59:27
Thanks again ED, it is nice to get a balanced view.

{Ed001's Note - always a pleasure G8.}

22 Mar 2024 07:58:21
Don't really understand but both seem to correlate. his high demand could lead to his sale to raise money to meet up with the financial regulation. I really don't mind if he goes or not so long as we can get an upgrade but I can't trust boely on that though. Conor is only energetic but lacks te football sense and technicalities to play in such advanced roles.

22 Mar 2024 14:20:59
Conor has done better than most other CFC players this season with exceptions of Gusto and Palmer imho.

22 Mar 2024 16:29:41
The only info on this issue thus far is that Conor is asking for too much money.
Presumably this is the club briefing certain parties and should be taken with a pinch of salt as well?
It's clear he's a popular players with most Chelsea fans who would take a dim view if he was sold particularly if that was to Spurs.
It's also likely that the club will need to sell some homegrown players to help fund the excessive spending on untested young foreign talent.
I am sure this will be noted by players in the academy.

{Ed001's Note - yes, it should.}

22 Mar 2024 21:42:28
If they are truly good enough and both parties want a Chelsea future it will happen. JT, went on loan, came back and the rest is history. (Bates era), Rice, deemed not good enough (Roman era), Musiala, chose to leave (Roman era), James (Both club and player wanted it to happen (Roman era) . Tammy, wanted to stay but not a TT pick so left (Roman era) . the list is endless.

22 Mar 2024 22:29:43
Absolutely KDrog, it's already been made abundantly clear Boehly and co. See the academy as a way to offset there outrageous signings and excessive fees. Every indication is that were fine in ffp but we do have to raise a substantial amount through player sales and Chalobah and Gallagher represent pure profit. Even though they've been better than Disasi and enzo this year, and others, they will likely be sold along with mattsen etc.

23 Mar 2024 21:35:41
By outrageous signings, you clearly mean outrageously good signings, Yes, I agree, I think the investment in quality young players is to be applauded. Cutting the wage bill too. We are in good shape moving forward. And did you watch Enzo tonight? and Conor? if you didn't, you might want to.

23 Mar 2024 23:58:04
No g8 by outrageous signings I mean the lack of a strategy. Buying 5 players for the same position (Caicedo, Lavia, Ugo, Santos and Casadei) for massive sums. Some transfers I liked but all in all many were so unnecessary and that's now likely put us in a position where we need to sell to comply for FFP.

One game doesn't change that g8, Gallagher has absolutely been more influential and better than enzo this year. Enzo has talent but he has improvements to make.

25 Mar 2024 13:57:16
Completely agree Standard one poor/ good game for a national side doesn't define a season.
The club have signed three midfield players who have barely played in the first team totalling £100m but not to worry they are on low wages!
Currently they are costing us around 1 million Per Game!
Whereas Conor who has been more or less ever present is being greedy and cost nothing!
It would be tough to make this stuff up and be regarded as sane!

28 Mar 2024 13:19:54
This may come as a shock but for all players get wages.

The players we have signed are to replace the players we have ever sold or whose contract was up. Those replacements probably give the club a lower wage bill and a better chance of complying with PSR going forward.

One would think injuries are a new occurrence. Less we forget James, Chilly, Pusilic and many more. The club do not sign players because they want them injured fgs.

29 Mar 2024 17:23:15
Pulisic has made 47 appearances for club and country this season!

29 Mar 2024 18:24:53
Actually, Pusilic echoed a point i made in another post about player rotation.

He suggested that he is clear of injuries this season because he is playing regularly. It was reported by Ashley Cole recently that “full on” games were played at the end of each training session under Jose. Apparently Carlo was shocked to see this type of training when he came to the club.

29 Mar 2024 19:36:55
Tom, that may be the case for Pulisic but when James and Chilwell return from injury they get plenty of game time but get injured again.

30 Mar 2024 06:46:19
Chilly seems to do slightly better than James on the recurring injury front.

Anyway, that wasn’t my point and this is just my theory. Rotation of players is apparently a necessity. So, to keep players match fit training games in my opinion have to replicate a premiership match in intensity.



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