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06 Apr 2024 06:19:21
Football isn't statistics but Gallagher has outperformed both Caicedo and Fernandez big time this season. He has bailed them out and is essentially carrying the midfeild on his own. Caicedo and fernandes are paid THREE times more than Gallagher, and are performing worse in almost every statistical metric, offensively and defensively.

However, it's the worst kept secret that the club are trying to move him on. The club is a business and he represents a good sale, however I do feel for the player who is an academy lad and led the team more than any other player this season. Obviously very dissapointing for one of our own and not a good look or indication for our youth trying to make it to the first team. Unfortunate but a result of repetitive poor transfer dealings.

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06 Apr 2024 09:15:23
While I understand the “one of own” feelings it means nothing if a contractual agreement cannot be reached, Gallagher will be sold.

The so called “poor transfer dealings” have nothing to do with a player not signing a contract.

Our club is a business and will buy and sell players every year. To a certain extent players are a commodity/ asset.

{Ed001's Note - well of course the poor dealings have something to do with it. They have set a marker down in terms of wages. You can't expect first team players not to look at what teammates are on and expect something in the same ball park.}

06 Apr 2024 11:20:08
Standard I find that ridiculous about cg carrying the mid field on his own. People could be weird as I hardly see him as any better than the ones he's carrying. How many assists and goals has cg this season? Imo I would want an upgrade on cg hoping he refuse to sign chukwuemeka should have more threats and effects than conor but for the claim of he our own especially English he's always being hyped.

{Ed001's Note - David Silva got very few goals and assists for City, but he was creative. Stats can be very misleading and you are using them without any context at all.}

06 Apr 2024 12:30:17
I have no problems with whatever the ball park is. At the end of the day if the two parties can’t agree then something as to give!

06 Apr 2024 13:55:47
We agreed the other day Tom, end of the day it's business and you're more likely to get a contract that your worth elsewhere than your own club. End of the day however, Gallagher has been our best midfeilder so he'd be thinking a contract at the level of caicedo and enzo is about right, which is North of 150k.

I do understand that's not how it works though, and we actually don't really know the figures but it's fun to discuss.

I'm a big CG fan and think he'd be missed big by the club. I think we'd be silly to lose Gallagher and chalobah but again, they represent 'pure profit' which the club can use to mask our poorer transfer dealings.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

06 Apr 2024 14:15:45
I guess CG could well be valued more at another club than he is by our club.

I understand that RS is earning circa £300k a week and supposedly CP is earning £75k per week. Most fans would say CG is worth more than RS but is he worth more than CP?

Putting aside ability it can be reasonably argued that the club is paying RS far too much and that’s the problem with comparisons. If a mistake is made then every player has a justified claim for a wage increase.

06 Apr 2024 22:28:06
I agree with Ed001, stats do not tell you everything about a player, some are more relevant than others.
Tom, I think Sterling is on £325K a week but what’s an extra 25K. People will make comparisons. If a player is on 3 times the salary of most of the first team squad it will be scrutinised by other players. If the player is world class most would accept it but that doesn’t apply to Sterling.
If Gallagher has been our best midfielder then it is no surprise that we are stuck in mid-table mediocrity.

07 Apr 2024 06:29:20
Jimbo, that’s why I said “circa”.

Palmer who apparently is on £75k a week has in my opinion has been our most influential player. So maybe they should all get a wage cut.

07 Apr 2024 09:33:40
I think Raheem Sterling is the biggest problem at our club. He is the top earner and under performs week in week out. If your in a work place and you constantly out perform your colleague but he is on substantially more money than you its going to wind you up. His attitude sucks and is not a team player in any sort of way. He needs to be shipped on ASAP.

07 Apr 2024 11:10:12
Whitey, I don’t know Sterling personally but I was told he is a really nice bloke, liked by his fellow players and very supportive in the dressing room. Of course that may have come from the one bloke he gets on with, I wouldn’t have a clue.

If we paid more for him than we should have an that includes salary more fool us.

07 Apr 2024 11:24:04
Tom players getting a wage cut, as John Wayne and Buddy Holly used to say: “ That’ll be the day”.



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