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02 May 2024 23:40:57
Fantastic performance that I was lucky enough to catch as I was working early.

My favourite thing about the performance is that almost assuredly ensures the board aren't stupid enough to sell chalobah and Gallagher. Indispensable.

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02 May 2024 23:51:41
Standard I hope you’re right but I don’t think the yanks see it that way. Our best performing centre back (since returning from injury) and midfielder in my eyes.

03 May 2024 06:00:10
When a player has a bad game, we are refrained from not to conclude he's not good enough but just a very good game the rave is pouring. Anyway I never wanted tc sold but if cg refuse to re-sign he will be sold. I'm only worried we may not sign a better replacement, the club no longer get their signings spot on. the obsession about kiddies is a problem. There should be balance of experience in the squad to win titles imo.
However not his fan but i think it's cucu that deserves the sentimental praise you are giving to your compatriots. Chaloba also deserves it though. Also think caicedo deserves praise more than cg he's not English.

03 May 2024 06:01:31
Selling young academy players is nothing new. I’m old so I can remember how angry and devastated I was when we sold Jimmy Greaves and Butch Wilkins. In more recent times I wasn’t happy with the sale of Mason Mount.

If I remember correctly the sales of Greaves and Wilkins were in part due to financial issues.

Greaves is still the best player I have ever seen and Wilkins was our inspirational captain.

03 May 2024 06:06:50
Tusole, total rubbish, nationality has NOTHING to do with it.

03 May 2024 07:43:01
Load of rubbish tusole.

03 May 2024 07:52:13
Gallagher works so hard great example to the kids if and it's a big if everyone is fit and playing well not sure that he makes the starting 11 . Will come down to signing a contract or not.

On a side note Casadei although only on for 15-20 minutes looks to me if he is going to be some player won almost every header.

Win our last 4 games and we good easily end up 6th. With the odd blip along the way we are going in the right direction.

03 May 2024 08:04:25
I'm also old enough to remember the sale of Wilkins, Tom, but not quite old enough for Greaves. Wilkins was sold because we were basically bankrupt at that time. I remember watching Wilkins play at Stamford Bridge in the season before he went to Man Utd. We were awful and got relegated with 20 points (2 points for a win in those days) .

03 May 2024 08:32:24
Loved Wilkins and was young enough to be disappointed in his sale.

Be interesting to see if Mount ever repeats the form of 2-3 years ago, the injuries to so many players at so many clubs suggest that overplaying when young causes some serious mid / long term problems.

03 May 2024 11:53:17
Agreed seymns, Casadei has looked to have the makings of a really good player when I've seen him. I mean, obviously they're really young, and almost definitely too inexperienced to be a starting PL pairing, but I was slightly surprised we went for Caicedo and Lavia both in the summer having watched the performances of Casadei and Santos in preseason. I guess preseason games really tell you next to nothing – the standard of the games is perhaps just at that level where it can make players look better than they are – but they bossed it together. But I wondered why we'd buy Casadei and Santos only to then buy more players that would block their pathway into the team. Just another example of recruitment looking a bit scattergun, like there was no real plan.

03 May 2024 12:10:29
Edw. I particularly like the look of Santos but I understand your question on what looks from the outside as over recruitment in certain areas.



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