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06 Jan 2021 15:55:55
Wouldn't mind signing Wijnaldum on a free as a box to box midfielder. Big game player and effective at either end of the pitch and can evade the press. Not like Kovacic who people rave about who doesn't do nothing apart from dribble. Can't pass or score and definitely can't track runners. Most overrated player in Chelsea's team. Sell him Kante and Jorginho and bring me Wijnaldum and Rice 💪🏻 Kante is past it hasn't influenced a game massively since last seasons super cup against the scousers. People just cling onto the old Kante way too much. Legend for Chelsea but not suited here no more.

Bring me a Ramires type over Kovacic any day. Energy and influence. Also give Havertz a free role at 10 playing two more defensive minded midfielders as well.

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06 Jan 2021 16:45:41
Good post, I agree.

06 Jan 2021 16:56:04
Barry you are spot on about Kovacic. However I can’t see Rice coming to Chelsea in this window. I don’t think RA will spend big money in this window- why should they having spent £220,000,000 already and no guarantee FL will still be manager next season.

06 Jan 2021 17:08:02
Great shout. Something we’re really missing is energy/ strength,

06 Jan 2021 17:18:20
Thanks for you’re comments gents.

06 Jan 2021 17:19:18
I agree wholely with you’re comment too Jimbo, as much as we need a physical DM frank should still be doing better.

06 Jan 2021 17:38:06
Decent post Barry. Wijnaldum is a cracking player as is Rice. Can’t see that signing happening. Disagree slightly on Kante. N’golo has been betrayed by his previous managers at Chelsea. Signed and further established himself as arguably the best HM in Europe he has been covering left right and centre in the Chelsea midfield mainly for the jumping flea Jorginho but others also left him to run about mad, during many games he was left as the only go to player to link play and also put out the fires, Conte and particularly Sarri flogged the boy to death and have imo actually ruined his mindset and ultimately his game contribution. What is worrying is that MM is beginning to fall into that category. Lamps has to address this. They are part of the MF not the whole thing! However I sense that Kante will be sold and Rice will come in. I agree with your Havertz comment, he looks like a Rolls Royce of a player, looking forward to seeing him perform at full fitness/ tilt. I also like the hunger of Callum atm, best I have seen him. Tactically the forward area is causing me frustration mainly Werner. He/ they are not securing the ball when it comes up to them. Only Giroud gets it to stick and win free kicks etc, Tammy, Werner and even Christian lose out too easily in very straight forward positions. That needs to be discussed as to the expectation of what they should be doing as a basic in certain areas of the pitch, play with thought. Didn’t want to get into the Lamps thing, but I will. I would leave Frank in there. Honestly, I feel for him and the team. If it wasn’t for bad luck Chelsea would have had no luck this season. They Couldn’t get the GK position sorted in time costing the team points v Liverpool and Southampton. The team is being punished to the max with any playing mistake and some of the refereeing decisions. Should have had a pen at United, hit the woodwork three times at Goodison, lost a 95th minute goal at Wolves, never a penalty at Arsenal, third Arsenal goal a fluke, missed a penalty in that game, game should have been stopped v Villa as game had moved into a second phase with injured man still down, definitely a penalty v City at 0-0, City played their very best 25 minutes of the season. I reckon with a little more luck they could be 3 or 4 points better off. This is the strangest season going you just cannot predict it. Look at United, they have been done all over the place and now sit top! Unbelievable. Mind you they are having imo the opposite of Chelsea and enjoying a large dollop of luck and enjoying refereeing decisions that have helped them with atleast 6 points along the way.

06 Jan 2021 17:52:23
Fantastic post Stephen. Kante would be the one I would least want to sell out of him Jorginho and Kova because he could do well alongside Rice when we need to shut up shop like we did with Matic. Matic would hold and Mark the central area whereas Kante would press and win the ball. I don’t see none of that under frank. It’s just two midfielders there running around like headless chickens at the minute with no tactics behind them. I also think bringing Ampadu back would do no harm. He’s better suited to CDM than any of the other three. That’s just a really poor Sheffield United side he’s in.

06 Jan 2021 17:58:53
Jorginho and kovecic - rice
Barkley and RLC - wiljnaldun
Gilmour - loan
Gallagher - loan
Ampadu - loan
CM’s kante rice wiljandum
AM havertz mount, would offer so many different options rather than kov jorgingo who don’t offer anything forward or defensively, could play pivot OR 433, carried away now with fantasy football and players were not after lol.

06 Jan 2021 18:33:25
Barry, Excellent analysis of what you saw when Matic played HM with Kante. You are correct The MF doesn’t have great shape atm. But that has crept in since Everton. The continual use of the wall pass from the midfielders straight back to the defenders even when not pressed has been a feature of Chelsea’s play since that Everton game. It’s slow, predictable, lacks ambition is awful to watch but most importantly it is easy to play against! Before Goodison more than 50% of passes slipped into the midfield area between the lines had the receiving midfielder receiving on the half turn and attacking, Jorginho cannot do this and even Kova appears to be unable to get round and face the opposition with any great commitment. As I already mentioned there is a problem with the pass to the front guys, which might be the reason for this negative play, they are losing out too easily to their marker they simply have to make the ball stick, win a foul, or gain a few yards up the throw in line, win a corner something that allows the team to push up. ATM the forwards Giroud apart try to Heath their man every time lose the ball and the whole team is running back toward their own goal. IF Rice joined in January I would agree with your shape, it really would be a brilliant bonus for the team.

06 Jan 2021 20:25:16
Good posts Stephen, only thing I would disagree with is bad decisions, luck: if the team is good enough it can rise above such things.

08 Jan 2021 07:32:09
Good points Barry but I only disagree on Kante. Jorginho is a player I have wanted to sell since Sarri because he's not suitable in the EPL and Kovacic is not such an effective and consistent player. I also believe that put much pressure on Kante who's to cover for them. Gini would help strengthen that position but I guess Ed didn't indicate we have interest.



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