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11 Mar 2024 18:27:34
So PSR is being scrapped.

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11 Mar 2024 21:04:28
what is that likely to mean teams can spend what they want.

11 Mar 2024 22:30:09
It’s not being scrapped ? it’s changing slightly to match UEFA’s FSR, pretty much the same thing really. Clubs only being allowed to spend 85% of turnover on wages and transfers. Think there’s still things to figure out but don’t think it’ll change tooo much.

11 Mar 2024 22:59:21
Fuser, it is being scrapped mate.

12 Mar 2024 22:51:49
I’m sorry but very few fan’s understand FFP and my guess would be very few will understand any new proposals.

Why do we bother with worrying about it? If our club has in some way in the past we f? cked up then we deserve to be punished and if it happens for a future offence, so be it.

13 Mar 2024 12:39:24
Tom fans are allowed to care about the finances if they want too. I'm more supirsed when people don't care. It's one of the most important things in the sport. Do you expect an American to not care about the salary cap in the nba or nfl?

Again, 'so be it' in response to cheating is a bit too 'turn the other way' ish to me. I'm obviously not saying we're cheating, i think we skirt the rulez but that's okay
but if we were cheating I'd be a bit dissapointed.

13 Mar 2024 15:35:41
Standard, let me know when you understand FFP or PSR. I’m honest enough to say I don’t understand either of them.

I repeat if we are ever punished for breaking any rules I’m not going to bleat about. I will just assume that we deserve it.

Unlike you I have seen zero evidence that suggests we
“Skirt the rules. ” As far as I’m concerned, a team either conforms to the so called rules or breaks them.

13 Mar 2024 15:49:11
I should have also added that even if I did understand FFP and PSR I wouldn’t have a clue about the CFC”s financial position and how to apply it to FFP or PSR.

14 Mar 2024 04:54:01
I understand the amortisation pretty simply. Why are you so stand-offish and defensive?

An example of skirting the rules would be amortisation over an 8 year period rather than the standard 5, it was considered a loophole and it was subsequently stopped. If the rule isn't in place, absolutely make the most of it I say but I'd say that's an example of skirting, and not in a bad way.

14 Mar 2024 06:08:50
So like me you don’t understand FFP or PSR.

Also, working within the rules isn’t “skirting the rules. ”.

14 Mar 2024 06:41:49

How is it skirting the rule when there was no rule in place that we could not do deals over an 8 year period.

The rule has since been amended so that we can't do that going forward as you mentioned.

14 Mar 2024 07:06:11
Bill, I’m probably wrong but I think the “term” of a contract can still run for any agreeable duration.

14 Mar 2024 07:21:56
Bill I used the worst skirting, not breaking. There was nothing wrong with it as there was no rule in place as explained. But it was a method used to get around ffp absolutely, and although it is risky, I think it smart.

Tom as I typed, I understand it, it really isn't that hard to understand. Did you misread or something?

14 Mar 2024 07:42:57
Good, so you can now explain FFP and PSR to the posters on this site when we have a question on the subject.

So, under the current rules is there a maximum term/ duration for a players contract?

That’s my first question. I will have loads more over the coming seasons.

14 Mar 2024 11:18:13
I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this hostility Tom. I apologise if I've upset you somehow. I've actually stuck up for you a few times on here. dissapointing.

14 Mar 2024 12:32:00
I’m not sure what is “hostile” about asking a question on subject you “understand” but ho hum if you can’t answer the question no problems.

I find it very “disappointing” when I’m constantly miss-quoted by you but I guess that’s the way things are in life.

Just as aside im never that bothered when my opinions are different from other posters. I can’t imagine being a person who would gloat about victory or prefer defeat just to prove a point. God, what a s@it life that would be!

14 Mar 2024 22:40:10
I'm constantly miss quoted by you also so that's quite ironic. I've suggested many times for you to slow down and read my post again because multiple multiple times you've misquoted or misunderstood me.

15 Mar 2024 06:54:31
I assume “misunderstood” is a poker term for a crap hand.

15 Mar 2024 22:48:55
And you've confirmed my point. If you're just going to be negative to my every post why bother replying?

16 Mar 2024 03:10:49
Surely the point of posting anything is to get a reply, regardless if any reply is positive or negative!

16 Mar 2024 10:17:23
Tom, to be clear on the hostility Standard is referring to, your replies have come across extremely passive aggressive. Whether you meant it that way or not, that is how it reads. Furthermore, Standard also explained to you that he understood about the amortisation part of FFP, however you decided this clearly meant he claimed to understand FFP as a whole.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with two different views on a subject and having a debate, however your replies are becoming predictable every single time anyone talks about money. You simply say you don’t care about the finances as you don’t understand aspects of it. If this is the case then that’s absolutely fine - however it is far from constructive in consistently repeating that statement across multiple threads. You may not care, others certainly do. What others care about is completely up to them.

FFP is a big thing in the game at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, many people are going to be interested in this and to varying degrees of an understanding. You need to just get used to this instead of calling the pot pink.

16 Mar 2024 10:53:26
Cech, I have said many times I do not understand FFP or PSR and I have also given my opinion that both terms are generally weaponised. Every single time I’ve asked a poster to explain them both to me I get zero information.

I am well aware of the term “amortisation” and what it it means but as I don’t know if it’s application at a football club applies to all players (ladies, juniors included) all staff, general capex, salaries, bonuses and transfer fees.

I would humbly suggest that instead of expressing concern about FFP or PSR posters just ask a question or if they have a “factual” comment to make on the subject they express them. Any answers on the subject or factual comment would be helpful to me and I’m sure lots of other posters.

Apparently I have a habit as coming across as “passive aggressive. ” That would never be my intention and I obviously apologise for any unintentional offence caused to any poster.

16 Mar 2024 20:50:30
Your personal understanding of FFP, PSR or amortisation on the broader scale is slightly redundant in terms of what we are currently talking about though Tom?

Firstly just because your understanding of them isn’t at the required level, does not mean that the rest of us should not be able to comment or express concerns on the matter.

Secondly, if anyone here does understand FFP et al, they are under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to divulge that information to either you, myself or anyone else that has questions on the matter. That however does not mean that their contributions to the page should become mute. However if you don’t agree with it by all means share your side. But don’t constantly suggest that others shouldn’t talk about financial or other matters just because you have no interest in them.

I tend to find myself agreeing with a lot you say Tom, however the constant disregard of others concern or questions/ information regarding FFP et al is, simply put, infuriating at times. Anyway, i’m not going to carry on with this, I just hoped to explain to you how it looks from another perspective. I hope you’re well and sending you all the best.

16 Mar 2024 21:41:32
Cech, of course my understanding or lack of understanding FFP is redundant hence the reason I ask for clarification on how accurate the comments are on the subject. As far as I’m concerned that is one of the selling points of the site.

Surely posting we are are likely to be in breach of any rules needs some explanation.

You and others may well find my “constant disregard” of other people’s concerns about FFP or PSR “infuriating” but I can see no problem in asking the reasons for a such concerns. I find it equally infuriating when fans use the term without any supporting argument.

At some stage it may well happen that we are in breach of some rule or other and if that is the case we will deserve to be punished.

I fully understand fans having concerns about our club’s finances. That’s fine as far as I’m concerned but surely I’m allowed to ask the question why those concerns exist or express my ambivalence.

My health isn’t to bad at the moment thanks Cech. I go back into hospital mid April but hopefully just for an MOT. Stay safe mate.



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