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30 Mar 2024 19:37:53
Don't have much positive to say tonight.
Wondering how long Poch will last. At this point seems like a matter of when, not if, the club decides to sack him.

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30 Mar 2024 20:31:29
I have been saying for a long time EmilSC that Poch is simply not good enough to lead this team. Delaying replacing him is simply madness as nothing will improve under him. He lacks discipline and is simply not a winner. Keep him in charge and this mediocrity continues. Bring Jose in now and we have a chance of winning a Cup.

30 Mar 2024 21:30:44
I would rather Potter, Lamps, Conte, and Sarri back than Jose.

I would suggest if you want to step back in time (I don’t) there is only one choice.

30 Mar 2024 22:10:58
Genuine question but how much of it is Poch’s fault. Both of Burnley’s goals came from set pieces where their players had a free run at goal. Why aren't the players being picked up? It’s not as though we’re leaving 2-3 players up field to try form a quick break from a corner. Are they not trained as much? Are the players just not tracking properly? For both of Burnley’s goals it looked like we were the ones with 10 men instead of the other way around.

The second Burnley goal, Petrovic should have definitely done better (should have punched it instead of tried to catch it) but I don’t lay the entire blame at him. Our defence was just completely absent the entire game. Jay Rodriguez had a free header and open goal to get their winner late on. Burnley had like 15 shots (half of them on target) which for a bottom 2 side is just unacceptable.

Offensively the players were just too selfish. The one I remember clearly although there were several other players who did it: Gusto jinked his way into a great position in the box and had an easy lay off to Palmer? (maybe) but took the shot on himself. Happened a few times where there was a pass for another player to score an easy goal but the player on the ball was selfish and took the shot.

Only once where Jackson set up Mudryk in a better position and he fluffed the shot. Yeah we do have some nice passes over the top etc like Fernandez for a Sterling header which he missed. But whenever players seem to get into the box they hardly ever try set another player up and just go for goal themselves.

30 Mar 2024 23:31:11
Fuser, offensively certain players have failed to see the free player in the box and have taken a shot on: is that the players or the coach? Defensively we have been extremely poor especially at set pieces; that is down to coaching, I am never sure if we are man marking or zonal marking. Personally I think we were lucky to get the penalty which led to the sending off.

31 Mar 2024 07:17:37
fuser, a very good summary/ observation.

Our decision making in the box was poor and our defending at set pieces was poor on several occasions. The manager has to take responsibility for both these parts of our game.

A bloke next me quoted a stat about our results after an international break being very poor but this performance had little to do with international disruption. For me it was again far too passive and the way we came out for the second half summed up our performance. I haven’t got a clue what Poch says to our players at half time but it’s not working.

31 Mar 2024 08:31:38
I wouldn’t go as far as Potter Tom. I have seen a piece of gravel with more charisma than him.

Fuser we are an incredibly small team Im guessing other than Disasi, Badishille (thought he was terrible), Jackson and Petrovic I don't think any of the others were over 6ft.

The distant memory of Cech, Terry, Ivanovic, Lampard, Ballack, Mikel, Didier. We were monsters albeit not the best footballing side in the world but would over power and destroy teams we were a well oiled machine.

31 Mar 2024 09:04:53
What did you think was poch fault? The 3-4 missed chances? Or the player leaving his marker and keeper not doing well at all for equaliser?

31 Mar 2024 10:30:39
Whitey the legends you mentioned all had a desire to win. They saw it as a badge of honour to win there individual battles.

We certainly aren’t a very tall team but we are not in my opinion very well organised to defend set plays regardless of height. We also have one or two players who constantly give away stupid, needless fouls and that puts additional pressure on defenders who lack confidence and organisation.

31 Mar 2024 14:10:12
Matt. It’s reasonable for it to be more than one thing at fault.



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