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02 Feb 2024 21:53:47
Stefan borson, if you haven't seen what Hume said about Chelsea and ffp, take a look, very worrying, points deductions seem inevitable by the sound of it. £100m needs to be raised before June 30th, homegrown players will raise this. Trev Gallagher Broja Maatsen - pretty sure I said this would be the case for our spending, blown hundreds of millions cash in on the academy, pretty sure I was told I am least knowledge poster when I questioned the spending and owners. Seems this process and project could be points deduction,

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02 Feb 2024 22:32:41
This guy on “Talksport” did NOT say we ARE in breach FFP.

He gave his opinion and said we COULD be in breach this June. I cannot find one other outlet that has repeated that view or given an opinion to the accuracy of that view.

I repeat, if we have breached any rules we deserve to be punished.

If we have to sell players to balance the books then so be it. I personally haven’t seen any evidence to support that prospect but it’s obvious that books have to be balanced.

03 Feb 2024 00:29:32
From what I understand a lot of PL clubs are flying close to the wind with PSR, I don’t know if that includes us. It has also been reported that the PL might be amending the rules. Leaving that aside we will have to sell players if we want to bring in a couple in the the summer and if they are the right one’s they will be no loss.

03 Feb 2024 06:56:15
Jimbo, I’m very old but in my opinion and if I remember correctly we sold our best ever player to save our club.

I very much doubt that situation exists today but as I think you elude to balancing the books of any business is important.

03 Feb 2024 09:35:26
I have listened to this Borson guy quite a few times on talk sport.

Like all on that radio Station they want to be dramatic to entice people to text and phone in, surprisingly the only one who is sensible on there us Simon Jordan, the rest of the so called experts talk total rubbish.

This is a guy who was the finance overseer at Man City although he states that he was there before their problems started (he was very quick to point that out.

He went onto say that he doubted that his beloved Man City would face charges as they were far to clever in what they did to get caught. Maybe he thinks all the other 19 clubs are not as clever, who knows.

03 Feb 2024 10:10:39
Bill, as I mentioned in another post, other outlets have quoted HIM but none that I have seen have added their own spin on the issue.

I wonder if he will be asked back on talksport to apologise if we are found NOT to be in breach of FFP in June.

03 Feb 2024 13:16:58

Probably not, as all they want to do is generate phone calls and texts.

If everything is OK with us, not a word will be said and the so called (man city) financial expert will disappear into the sunset.



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