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02 Feb 2024 22:06:35
How accurate is the ffp expert talking about us being In big trouble and points deduction. Saying over £100m to be raised.

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03 Feb 2024 01:57:53
You should know Big Todd B. You're scattergun approach to transfers has put us in this position.

Only joking of course, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. Gallagher has been our best midfeilder this year over enzo and caicedo and the board can't wait to see the back of him. Chalobah has been a consumate profossesional and always given good performances and fge board can't wait to see the back of him, again, presumably to raise funds to make us compliant with ffp after our awful, awful dealings in the last year and a half.

03 Feb 2024 06:27:07
Expect the bloke on talk sport is making an educated guess, would be useful if a list was released to see how close teams are to a breach, that may well not be possible with financial figures stock exchange accounting rules etc.

One thing that is certain we will not be selling from a position of strength clubs will know we need to balance the books.

Would like to think that our owners know what they are doing from a financial perspective.

03 Feb 2024 06:41:03
Gallagher will have one year left on his contract in the summer. If the two parties can’t agree on the terms of a new contract he will be sold.

I rate Chalaboa but the manager along with the other decision makers will have to decide who is going to be the better players for Chelsea. That decision will have to include players on the fringes or on loan this season. If there choice is for example Chalaboa and Humphrey’s are surplus, so be it. If that is better for the club financially I wiuld have thought that would be good news.

We did sell the likes of Hazard and Coutois for significant profit and without any chance of getting better players. These things happen at our club and has happened at other clubs. Nothing wrong with profit.

03 Feb 2024 07:00:21
Seymns, We didn’t buy from a position of strength when we had to buy two CH’s after they left on free transfers. These things happen.

03 Feb 2024 09:25:42
Tom agree with your comments on the CH's.

Chabs wants to move on as does IM for more game time, CG for some reason wants far too much money. That is why these three will leave.

We also have to factor in a transfer fee for Hall when Newcastle will make the deal permanent. Likaku will probably go to the Saudi's.

With those five players leaving, we are well past the £100mil needed and does not take into consideration other players that will also leave us in the summer.

03 Feb 2024 10:07:06
Bill, just me probably being pedantic but I’ve only seen one report that says CG is looking for £150k per week. I have no idea if this is true or if the club have made ANY offer to CG.

I would hate for the lad to be labelled “greedy. ” I”m sure he and his advisors have a salary they think he is worth and that’s fine.

I’ve not heard of Chalaboa wanting more game time and it’s been a shame he has been injured because I think he is as good if not better than some CHs that have been playing this season. I hope he can show his value in what’s left of the season. The club can then evaluate all of our CH’s and make there decisions.

On the subject of leavers. You are correct we should get the fee for Hall and hopefully Maatsen, Lukaku, Kepa (small), Broja, one CH and one midfielder. Along with those players and positions I would suggest the club may well listen to offers for players who have been or are currently out on loan. This will all be just normal business.

03 Feb 2024 10:23:42
Yeah we're in a poor poor position. Such a shame what the owners have done.

03 Feb 2024 10:40:55
Standard, so from the above thread you have deduced that “it’s a shame what the owners have done. ”

This is a bloke my guess that nobody ever heard of before his interview on talksport giving HIS opinion with providing a shred of evidence and because it suits your hatred narrative of the owners it’s ok.

03 Feb 2024 12:40:24
You don't think we're in a poor position Tom? That's interesting. I think having spent a billion and still not near good enough is a poor position. I also believe being unable to generate even half the money we've spent on certain players puts us in a poor position. We wouldn't be able to sell caicedo for half the 115 we bought him for, half the 80 we bought mudryk for and so on, and so on.

Incredible that you think we're not in a poor position. You continue to astound me tom.

03 Feb 2024 13:13:48
Why would we want to sell Caicedo Standard, he will only be better next season as will the majority of the youngsters.

03 Feb 2024 14:47:34
Standard, it’s your choice of the word “incredible” that in itself is incredible. Again you show your arrogance that other fans might have a different opinion to yours!

I have at NO stage made a comment about Chelsea being in a “poor” position that is YOU that has used the word “poor. ” Just for clarity I also haven’t said we are in a good position.

YOU have made personal comments about players, you want the manager changed and you have made reference to owners as rubbish. Im beginning to think you might have an agenda!

03 Feb 2024 14:50:12
Bill, because Standard thinks Caicedo is a “donkey” but it’s ok because it’s a term used in poker.

I think Poch last week said that in his opinion Caicedo will be one of the best midfielders in the premiership. Certainly Liverpool who did miss out on him thought so!

03 Feb 2024 15:20:46
Agreed Tom

I think next season we will have a very strong midfield.

03 Feb 2024 23:17:34
When did I say we want to sell caicedo. I'm saying the position were in is poor and I think only Tom and very few others would disagree.

Personal comments about players? I've commented they're not good enough. Is that no longer allowed?

Want the manager changed? Yeah, I'd take mourinho back in a heartbeat but after him I'd stick with poch

Made reference to the owners as rubbish? They've acted like complete donkeys and looking at it currently have wasted 1 billion pounds on a worse team than what we had before. They all our young so there's a possibility they'll improve but its not looking good.

I never rated caicedo very highly ill he honest, I didn't want us to spent more than 60 on him so I was utterly flabbergasted when the outrageous figure of 115m was spent. He's fantastic off ball but a turnover machine with it and has cost us 4-5 points through sloppy pazsing. He definitely needs to improve.

04 Feb 2024 05:48:01
Standard, I have NEVER said we are not “poor” and I am not flabbergasted that you want to carry on making these things up.

I have been critical of the players, manager and owners but I will support all three if I think there is a good reason to do so.



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