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06 Feb 2024 20:18:58
Onana recorded one of the fastest sprint speeds of the season so far, his over 6'3 and is a DM, that there is a man who wins headers, wins 50/ 50's can keep the ball, covers and helps full backs and is a monster at tackling, covers large areas of the pitch, he could play with caceido and / or enzo, ticks so many boxes, so many it's frustrating his not our no1 target,

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07 Feb 2024 00:08:24
We just brought 5 midfeilders totalling 300 million. (Caicedo, enzo, lavia, ugochukwu) . Unless they leave we cannot replace them.

07 Feb 2024 07:20:22
Standard, two of those four have been injured for most of the season, let's see how our midfield is once they are all fit.

07 Feb 2024 08:56:50
Point was bill let's try improve our current players rather than look elsewhere. We've already spent the money.

07 Feb 2024 09:16:03
We will improve our players once we have solved the ricidilous injury problems we have had both this season and last together with a coach who can instill confidence and tactics in our youngsters.

At the moment with Poch, I can see neither although I thought Poch would have been the answer.

Mourinho really should be a coach for a national team now.

07 Feb 2024 10:10:57
Onana is the player we should have bought in place of Santos, Caicedo, Lavia and Ugochukwu. It really could have been 65m spent on him, saving probably 130m to be spent elsewhere/ not at all. A colossal waste of money. But Standard is right, we are where we are and there isn't a fix in sight.

Ugochukwu is the player we have that could come closest to replicating what Onana offers, and we really should have loaned him this season.

Lavia, as excellent a prospect as he is, has missed out on as many premier league games as he has played. In addition to that, he doesn't provide the skillset that was missing in the midfield. I really do think people are projecting what they want him to be onto his position, rather than actually looking at what he does.

07 Feb 2024 17:07:39
Lavia and Santos could be class mind you.



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