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26 Feb 2024 13:02:09
I'm sure that out of all the recent signings there will be some that our new owners regret. I have no idea if this number is factual but I did read somewhere that about 20% of signings don't work out.

It's not as if we had some magic signings record under our previous owners but god forbid we should mention the likes of Drinkwater, Lukaku, Morata, Werner, Kepa, Havertz (one goal), Ziyech, Mutu and I'm sure many others.

Some players won't be a success. My guess is they will eventually be moved on in some way. These things happen at all clubs.

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26 Feb 2024 14:21:12

In your view do you think Poch is gone as well.

26 Feb 2024 14:39:03
Bill, I have said many times that I didn’t want Poch as our manager but once he was hired he had and has got my 100% support. My guess is the owners will review the club’s general performances at the end of the season and obviously that will include Poch. Having said all that I fully expect he will be our manager for next season.

I just cannot see any advantage in changing the manager. If we did he would have to start work on the squad from fresh as I assume any change would mean several other members of the coaching staff leaving as well.

I would hope Poch has had his say on the type of player he needs for next season. I’m also hoping that Poch and his team can assess the quality of players who seem to have been injured for the whole season.

26 Feb 2024 14:51:07

I'm more concerned with his negative tactics and admitting they were playing for penalties shows he is not the man for the job.

26 Feb 2024 15:08:29
Bill, this playing for penalties thing was in my opinion a mental attitude of the players not Poch.

I would hardly call bringing Noni, Mudryk and Nkunku as a negative move.

These players haven’t won anything for a club that has been serial winners and lost its previous five domestic finals. My view is the players, maybe understandably, just got into we ain’t getting beat mode (passive) rather than continuing with the performance of the previous 90mins. It can happen.

The football under Poch is generally better than under Potter and certainly isn’t the durge we were being dished up in the last full season of TT.

26 Feb 2024 15:46:12
Tom neither of the first two have improved our forward line and why Poch is not playing Nkunku from the start is baffling me.

Regarding the style of play my neck is getting sore watching the ball go side to side or back.

26 Feb 2024 16:49:26
Again, I’m only guessing this but I would suggest that the Mudryk and Noni were brought on to stretch a game when defenders were supposedly tired.
The Nkunku thing was more about keeping the side that played well against City and Nkunku’s match fitness.

The playing sideways thing now is certainly no different to Sarri, TT or Potter periods as managers. The only break we have had in recent years from that style was Lamps first season. Unfortunately it becomes a habit that is sometimes hard to shake off.



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