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04 Mar 2024 15:43:39
The fact we have played games like against Liverpool, Arsenal and city where we were arguably the better team and should have won all three.

My biggest gripe is we have a squad capable of playing like that every week but we don't, that is down to the manager, look at the way Klopp and Guardiola inspire and galvanise their players. Poch looks like a garden gnome, no energy, no passion.

Not saying Jose is the answer but I know for a fact he would bring energy and passion in abundance, maybe that's what's needed to make us feel connected to the club again.

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04 Mar 2024 15:51:38
Horans, let’s compare the managers you mentioned in there first season or two!

I gave my reasons for not appointing Poch as our manager and got pelters on this site for putting up mh case. He is now our manager and I will give him my support for the remainder of this season and all of next season.

04 Mar 2024 16:19:48
Tom, I don’t believe I mentioned anything to do with Klopp and Guardiolas first few seasons? I mentioned the way they treat their players and the energy they bring.

Actually the fact you have pointed that out makes my comment even more poignant. They are what, 8-10 years into their tenures, yet they are still bringing the same passion, same vibes and same mentality to their teams.

Think it’s clear to all that he will NOT be our manager come the end of next season. It’s a shame as I thought it could potentially work out but it hasn’t and it won’t. Just my humble opinion.

04 Mar 2024 16:30:20
Apologies Horans, you didn’t mention the managers but you did mention there respective clubs including the gooners who’s manager also had a slow start ish to his managerial career.

If Poch is our manager at the “end of next season” I will be happy that he will have been given enough time to judge his abilities to manage CFC.

04 Mar 2024 17:53:31
To be fair to Arteta, he’s been through the wringer a few times with the Arsenal fans but they stuck it out and now they are top 4 guaranteed every season.

My point again though is look at the passion Arteta shows, his reactions on the touchline, the celebrations. It makes the players believe in the project and helps them develop a winning mentality.

Unfortunately Poch doesn’t bring that to the team and I think it shows in some of the lacklustre performances. 2nd half against Brentford, extra time vs Liverpool to name but a few.

04 Mar 2024 20:04:16
Horans, over the seasons there have been many successful managers who have controlled there so called “passion” and still been successful.

Poch is often accused of being to nice and I see on one site he is being referred to as “tactically predictable. ”

There is no “one size that fits all” when it comes to successful management.

04 Mar 2024 22:00:24
Tom, when has Poch ever been a successful manager?

04 Mar 2024 22:19:19
Jimbo, I have never said he has been and that was certainly one of the reasons i didn’t want him as our manager as so many on this site did.

The difference is, I’m prepared to give him time to become a successful manager. In the same way owners of other clubs have given time to there now successful managers, I want our new owners to hold there nerve and give him time and support.

04 Mar 2024 22:56:43
Can win stuff without ranting on the side lines Pellegrini, Rainieri Ancelloti and Wenger all won the prem and weren't the worlds biggest displayers of passion, would give Poch more time but my biggest worry is Poch's substitutes and in game management which needs to be braver rather than his lack of displays of passion.

04 Mar 2024 22:49:51
Agree TomB, It's not his lack of visible passion that worries me, I wish Poch's in game management was braver in terms of changes and earlier in the game hopefully that will come in time.



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