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06 Mar 2024 12:36:26
Folks, Liverpool fan in peace - how do you see yourselves progress now?

Would you keep or get rid of Poch?

Personally, a lot of your issues seem to be a result of a rather haphazard transfer policy - weirdly having spent so much and still not brought in the quality striker you have been crying out for

Not sure blame can entirely be laid at the managers fault, or even Potter before him tbh who I liked at Brighton - Lampard another matter mind but was it any of the manager's spending all that money on new players or was the new owner just trying to make a statement?

In fairness, a good winger getting crosses into to a quality striker and you will be very dangerous - you still create a lot of chances but seem to lack a clinical finisher

Young squad too and whilst Liverpool fans give pelters over Caceido, he was very good at Brighton and I think he will settle well for you. Palmer and Gallagher having decent seasons too and Petrovic looked good in goal in the Cup Final I watched so whilst I get disappointment over your league standing and some of the performances you are probably not as far away from the top 4 as some of the performances this season reflect - just curious about your thoughts.

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06 Mar 2024 14:05:30
For me progress more or less as expected.

I would keep Poch for another season.

Fairly obvious but I think the players will soon come good if and it's a big if we can get a prolific number 9 who that is I don't know

Young attractive side in the making but we really need a regular goal scorer.

06 Mar 2024 15:55:08
My memory isn’t what it used to be but I can’t remember any team going through a near total squad rebuild in such a short period of time.

Seymns, like you I think we have a very talented young squad that just needs the addition of a goal scoring CF.

Caicedo and Lavia in my opinion will both prove to be shrewd buys and top class.

06 Mar 2024 23:12:20
Which is why it was so silly Tom. Why completely replace the entire squad and spend extra money on like for like players?

Madueke and mudryk were not better than the likes of hudson-odoi, pulisic and disasi and fofana are not better than chalobah and Guehi who we had.

Its just pointless transfers and throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Thanks Bill, id pass on poch as I'm happy to stick with a manager but aslong as that managed has shown he can actually win something. I'd pick up mourinho or go back to tuchel who never shoukd have been let go in the first place.

07 Mar 2024 04:01:29
Standard, I disagree with that. Both Mudryk and Madueke are better than CHO was for us (he dropped off after getting his big contract) . As for Pulisic, I do think he was a good player. But good players are no use if they can’t be fit, which has not been a problem for Mudryk or Pulisic.

As for the defenders, Chalobah is still with us and Guehi moved before Boehly bought the club. I don’t agree with the Fofana purchase as he had fitness worries before joining us. However Disasi I feel has been one of our most consistent defenders this season - yes he’s made mistakes, but mistakes happen to everyone from time to time. Chalobah is simply not good enough - no matter how much I want him to be because he clearly cares about and wants to perform well for the club.

07 Mar 2024 05:12:14
Standard, there were players who were out of contract and some who wanted to leave for various reasons. The owners have acknowledged they made some early mistakes but think they have made ample amends for those early decisions.

When I look at the players who have left I can only think of two I would have kept but both wanted to leave and we don’t keep players who want o leave.

So, I think the change had to happen but please, let us know who you would have kept remembering the individual circumstances?

After the initial signing errors the club have not “thrown mud at the wall. ”

I hope we keep Poch (unlikely) and Jose goes to Liverpool.



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