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07 Mar 2024 22:45:08
We thought Chelsea [was] frankly an asset, a business that was not terribly well managed on the football side, sporting side or promotional side"

BlueCo 22, the company which Clearlake Capital and Todd Boehly bought Chelsea and Strasbourg with, has announced a loss of £653m for the period of March 2 2022 through to June 30 2023. They have also announced Chelsea made a loss of £90.1m for the period up to June 30 2023

Sometimes it's best to be quiet I suppose.

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08 Mar 2024 07:29:08
I haven’t got a clue about Clearlake’s finances or financial history. As far as I know prior to this year they could have been making massive profits.

The figures made pubic in the media are interesting. Particularly our annual revenues apparently going over the £500m for the first time and the positive transfer trading number was also something I wasn’t expecting.

The assurances given by the owners also gave me comfort historically and going forward.

08 Mar 2024 19:21:39
Huge losses. The plan i presume is to sell chalobah, Gallagher and maatsen to comply. Problem is when we're desperate to sell for ffp reasons, everybody knows and price will be driven down.

08 Mar 2024 20:35:48
Standard, did you actually read the statement from the club?

We will sell players and buy players. It’s always been the same.

One of your previous posts referred to the club taking a “FFP hit. ” What were you referring to?

08 Mar 2024 21:05:13
Financial expert Dr Rob Wilson on Chelsea's financial result for 2022/ 24: "I’ve never seen a set of football club financial statements quite like it. It’s as bad as it looks. I’ve checked them with a colleague, and neither of us know how they’re going to pass Financial Sustainability Regulations if they play in Europe or PSR in the Premier League. I’m not sure how they’re going to do it.

08 Mar 2024 22:46:19
I find it staggering that a “financial expert” confesses to “not being sure. ”

The cub have made a clear statement and I guess it depends if people prefer to believe a person divorced from the clubs accounts or the club itself.

“IF” the club EVER breaches any rules, we will deserve a punishment. There will be no bleating from me!

09 Mar 2024 01:42:36
TomB, a ffp hit refers to the cost of the player yearly in regards to financial fairplay. His price tag and salary amortised over the contract period is the hit.

09 Mar 2024 01:46:09
Everybody knows FFP is a load of rubbish as a system. We will get by FFP but we will have to sell home grown players to fund the excessive spending. Gallagher, chalobah, broja, hall and maatsen will be pure profit and will put us in the green quite comfortably. We will probably be able to spend a fair bit in the summer as well. Ed002 is not at all worried it seems so I'm content. My only stress was potentially other clubs will think they can pay less for our players because we need the sales.

09 Mar 2024 05:25:19
I repeat we will buy players and we will sell players, as we do every season.

We will sell the likes of Hall, Maatsen, Lukaku (hopefully) . Silva will be leaving (sadly) . Maybe one centre half, one goalkeeper a midfielder (Gallagher if he doesn’t sign) and probably Broja. We also have players like Humphrey and Hutchinson who have had good seasons who could be kept sold or loaned.

Gallagher apparently has one year left on his contract, so if we do decide to sell him we might not get what we want.

I think we will only sign two players.

The suggestion is that some sort of fire sale will take place. If this is the case, it would be nothing new. I personally don’t think it’s true but no matter what happens the media will say we have been forced to sell.

I have no reason to believe the media and I have no reason to disbelieve to current owners.

09 Mar 2024 06:26:34
Standard, so your term “FFP hit” is just in fact one of the costs of running a club.

10 Mar 2024 03:40:02
It is not my term Tom. Not sure what you're misunderstanding here. It's pretty simple really.

10 Mar 2024 06:40:30
Standard, it’s the term (FFP hit) you used in a post not me.

What it appears you’re now saying is you used that term (FFP hit) to describe the day to day transfer operations of our club and every other club in every other league.



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