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09 Mar 2024 19:23:47
Questioning if Chelsea was the problem or havertz just isn't as good as this purple patch is suggesting?

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09 Mar 2024 20:54:51
I will always be grateful for that goal he scored and he always had a touch of class about him. He reminded me of George Graham (stroller) .

I’m not sure any of our managers knew what position he played.

10 Mar 2024 00:10:39
Tom, I always liked Havertz and believed he was played out of position by coaches. He is a player who can score when it counts.

10 Mar 2024 06:33:07
Jimbo, pitting aside the goal in the final, I look back on his time at Chelsea as generally disappointing. For the life of me I can’t quite work out why I enjoyed watching him play.

Yes, he a had a touch of class but over his time at our club he should in my opinion contributed a lot more. When I listen to my gooner mates they all say the say same thing “not sure what he is and he doesn’t work hard enough. ”

All of our managers played him and Arteta plays him, so at least four premiership managers rate him. He was described as a marmite player once, maybe that’s about right.

10 Mar 2024 07:09:47
As was obvious from my posts I always though Havertz was class but consistently played out of position as a (often lone) striker. Yes there was THAT goal oplus several others v eg Liveropool and Spurs that I recall fondly, but he did catch the CFC goal-shy bug from time to time, certainly didn't score enough as a substitute number 9.

For me he was far more of an attacking midfielder or someone who could play in loser mor mobile formation among several highly mobile AMs/ forwards. Perhaps at times needed to be a bit harder physically, but he was young. Very gifted though and great positional sense. Arsenal under Areteta may well suit him better than CFC under manages he had with us.

10 Mar 2024 08:49:28
To be honest joking really it just topped a week off where ex Chelsea players were getting goals, giroud lukaku RLC Michy PEA Havertz werner last weekend.

Havertz had that berbatov lazy swagger but his numbers proved he never walked around, covered distance had spells like this where you change your mind but a a whole it was better he moved on, his in a far better team and has same amount of goals as Jackson who went afcon for a month so perspective is a good thing,

10 Mar 2024 16:20:11
Massively underwhelming for chelsea and unbelievable we got such a big fee. Funny enough, tomb was full of praise for haverts and now he's gone to arsenal and no longer playing for chelsea, he was 'generally dissapointing'. Funny that.

10 Mar 2024 18:07:51
Standard, funnily enough I have supported all the players during a season they play for Chelsea.

I know you don’t bother reading posts but can I suggest you read my post again.

“I enjoyed watching him play and he had a touch of class. ”.

11 Mar 2024 00:02:20
I know you are a little bit slow but the point, obviously, is that you're a little bit irrational when it comes to chelsea. You've predicted we'd win the league in the last, what, 3 seasons in a row?

11 Mar 2024 06:07:18
I’m certainly not in fantastic health and I have loved supporting my club for over 60 Years. The vast majority of those seasons we have been bang average.

Ii want us to win every competition we play in every season.

For the last two seasons I have hoped for the best in the premiership as usual but added notes of caution. This season I think I predicted improvement from last season by finishing between 6-8th. I got told by many on this site that I was being overly pessimistic.

For the record I did say we would win the CL last season. My theory being, we only win it when we are having a poor season. I also said we would win it when TT took over. As our manager for the same reason.

Like most supporters of most clubs I am irrational about my support. I am critical when I think it’s deserved but I hope I have never used personal abuse of any player, manager or owners.

Standard, you have an amazing ability/ skil for mis-quoting. Well done✔️.

11 Mar 2024 07:10:26
Cheap shot Standard! ( why am I not surprised) . Tom has ongoing health issues physically, but his mind is still sharp as a tack, AND, his support of our club should never be questioned, like most on this site! There are, however, some posters who only live to be negative nana's, trying to kill off any positive statements or support for our wonderful club, hence your last sentence, which is completely untrue I might add, is just you trying to "wind" people up.
You are truly pathetic!
Like Tom, Jimbo, GG and others, I have been on this site for many many years ( I still remember Edoo2 telling us about a right back from Marseille we were signing for 7 million, Azpi)
We should support our club together, rather than apart.
Transition takes time and requires patience!



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