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16 Mar 2024 22:40:32
I'm sure there is an obvious reason but can someone please tell me why players cut slits in there socks?

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16 Mar 2024 22:59:58
To reduce tightness and improve breathability to increase blood flow. Don't know why you wouldn't just wear looser socks but what do I know lol.

16 Mar 2024 23:35:17
Standard, thanks for the info.

I have to say I’ve never heard of “breathability. ” Is it something that stops socks smelling!

17 Mar 2024 10:10:58
I cut my patients socks sometimes to prevent them acting like compression stockings. But we have to deal with what we’re supplied. Like Standard says, surely a club/ player could just get slightly bigger socks!

17 Mar 2024 10:33:11
I assume that the decision to cut there socks is based on some sort of medical advice.

Maybe the calf muscles of a modern day football are bigger than they used to be. Or maybe the manufacturers of the socks should develop a material that stops it being an issue.

It’s a bit like people cutting slits in there Jeans as some sort of fashion statement.

17 Mar 2024 13:37:56
If you played football growing up then you've probably had uncomfortably tight socks, makes sense I guess.

17 Mar 2024 13:43:14
I did play to a good standard and I don’t remember ever thinking I had tight socks. If there is a medical rationale then fair enough.

17 Mar 2024 19:19:30
Tom, as to the socks issue. There is a business opportunity for us, let’s make socks with holes in them. When I was a kid playing football I never worried about my socks: I was worried about a wet leather ball hitting me in the Crown Jewels or the laces leaving an imprint on my forehead. Lol.

17 Mar 2024 21:31:29
Jimbo, when it became obvious I was never going to be good enough to be come a pro footballer, I carried on playing for boot money for corporate and supposedly “amateur” teams but always for “boot money. ”

I played in a team up North (Rotherham) and got chatting after the game to a retired ex Sheff Utd player. He told me he cleaned his boots pre game with water. This apparently slightly shrunk the boots. He told me lots of pros did it. I did it before my next game and played a blinder. So it then became a sort of superstition that I never got out of.

I was told recently that some pros still do it.

I can now just imagine lots of mums and dads buying expensive kits (including socks) and catching there little angels cutting holes in there new socks just like there heroes do.

We all have dreams and have a tendency to follow our heroes!



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