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31 Mar 2024 19:59:44
Hi blues and eds, I think its probably becoming increasingly clear that there will be a change of manager in the summer, as you know I've always wanted stability and some legacy built, unfortunately yesterday a lot of players were well off it, and I do worry what the manager and coaches say because we aren't motivated at all, we've been lucky with winning mentality of players through the years and we've had a complete overhaul of the squad.
It's not all that bad we reached 40 points and I for one can't wait for next season x.

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31 Mar 2024 21:32:58
Steve, I’m dreading next season because I think the spuds might actually win something and god forbid it’s the premiership.

01 Apr 2024 00:30:22
We're in a very rough position. We have a very expensively assorted team without too much quality. The quality ones, will be getting disinterested because it's not the project they signed up for.

My worry is that players request transfers and the issue is for the vast majority we'd struggle to make back half of what we spent. The only players we'd sell for profit at this stage is palmer and Gusto.

01 Apr 2024 00:40:27

They are all on long term contracts therfore will leave under our terms.

01 Apr 2024 07:14:38
We have a recent of letting players go who want to go. I assume that philosophy will continue.

01 Apr 2024 10:15:02
But at least for the right price Tom due to them being on long term contracts.

01 Apr 2024 10:40:55
Bill, the “right price will generally depend on a willing seller and a willing buyer.

We have to remember that at least two of the players we signed last season had valuations that were broadly out of our clubs control. Of course we always have the ability to walk away from any deal.

01 Apr 2024 11:30:41
And that is what we should do Tom, if a club wants one of our players then we should advise them of the price, if they dint like it they can move onto other targets.

When we go for a player, it's top dollar.

I'm fed up of mainly the Italian clubs asking for high prices yet always low balling us when they want one of our players.



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