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24 May 2024 09:25:48
My initial annoyance at Poch being sacked has subsided. While I don't agree with it, I had felt as though he wouldn't be in charge for next season since around November. Also, had he been sacked after the League Cup loss I wouldn't have shed many tears.

So the list is down to a final 4, including the 'mystery' candidate which sounds like a load of tosh to me. The BBC are reporting that there is a split in the decision makers about who to appoint. This is my primary issue with the current structure at Chelsea. There are too many cooks, at least 2 people doing a 1 person job, 3 if you include Joe Shields who seems to have a big say in things.

Anyone who has worked in a big company will know that regardless of how well these 2 or 3 work together, ultimately when it comes to performance review time, they are in competition with each other. If a signing that they recommend does well, they are going to remind the owners of that whenever possible. Similarly, if a decision is made against their advice which goes badly, you can pretty much guarantee that in the future they'll be saying 'well I voted for x'. My fear is that 'the process' that we keep hearing about boils down to nothing more than just each individual vouching for their favourite. After all, this process that included an 'extensive search' this time last year lead to them hiring Poch, who they then agreed was the wrong choice less than a year later. The pressure is on to get this one right.

Anyway they clearly aren't going anywhere, and we have no say on who they hire so all we can do is hope that the manager is a Palmer and not a Cucurella. As fans ee're going to support them no matter what. Let's keep the airways clear for the Eds, there is no point repeatedly asking who is the favourite etc, the likelihood is we will know in a week. Up the Chels.

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24 May 2024 09:54:28
Totally agree that one person should have the power to make the key decision after taking advice, whoever it is needs time, we all have our preferred choices, for some reason the only one linked to us I don't want is de Zerbi, but like most or all of us have no real idea of the candidates talent, but like you say we will know next week.

24 May 2024 10:44:30
I have several mentors in my life. One told me never form a committee or ask advise of lots of people, you just end up p@ssing off more people.
Another said always consider other people’s views but only when they are the same as yours.

I think it’s probably a good idea to have different ideas but in the end the buck stops with the big boss. Also once a decision is made the board can only speak with one voice. I think they call it collective responsibility.

24 May 2024 10:53:50
Good points RBD about how decisions made by many and in committees often about vouching for favourites.

I also agree that ot might have been easier if Poch had been sacked before the impressive late season turnaround. Though that does of course raise the question of just how much time is our club prepared to give any appointee and Poch had to take over a big squad - needing to see how all performed in competitive match situations - filled with newcomers plus vast injury list. In Klopp's first season who took over Liverpool in October when they were 10th and got them up to 8th. Would that have been good enough at CFC? Poch took over at CFC after they had finished 12th the season before and he got us a 6th placed finish, admittedly with a pre-season but despite by far longest injury list in the league that would have hugely disrupted his plans not least Nkunku out before season started.

But yes what is done is done and the club just has to get the next appointmemnt right or us poor peasant fans may all be flocking to Stamford Bridge with (imaginary! ) pitchforks and scythes!

24 May 2024 12:01:13
I don't have a problem with seeking advice from multiple sources, in fact that should be encouraged in all walks of life, I just think it makes things easier when one person is empowered to make a decision.

In my professional experience, decision-making by committee regularly leads to cliques, in-fighting and obsequious behaviours which rarely helps reaching an overall goal.

If I was to put my cynical hat on, I think that regardless of who the manager is (within reason) we will finish higher in the league this season. If the signings we want come in, combined with the squad playing together for another year, better luck with injuries, and seeing how close we were to top 4 despite our horror start and injuries issues, it's difficult to see it all going completely wrong. Not saying it won't, but the odds would suggest at least some improvement.

Add Osimhen, or Jackson taking a small step forwards coupled with Nkunku staying fit, that's probably an extra 10-15 goals. Reece and Fofana staying fit all year, that's probably 2-3 less losses over the course of the season. That's probably an extra 10-12 points. That's probably Champions League football for 25/ 26.

And now you get to put in your man, who as long as he doesn't totally screw it up, you get to claim you masterminded a return to the top table.

24 May 2024 13:47:14
Like the positivity RBD and it seems logical. Certainly hope it is!

24 May 2024 18:18:41
RBD, you might be right, to some extent depends on how Man U, Liverpool, Villa and Newcastle perform. I expect City and Arsenal to continue from last season. I have left out Spurs because well, they’re Spurs. However, what are the odds that James, Chilwell and Fofana stay fit enough to make significant contribution.

25 May 2024 09:09:32
Not good odds Jimbo.



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