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28 Feb 2018 02:47:32
Hi all, Liverpool fan here (Come in Peace)

I was just wondering what has happened to you guys in recent years, particularly with transfers. I remember Chelsea chasing after the best players in Europe not 4-5 years ago. Now linked with Ashley Barnes and Jamaal Lascelles. Not exactly bad players but hardly Chelsea calibre. The only player you guys have signed recently that i would love to see at Liverpool was Kante. Also think it was a mistake to let Batshuayi leave on loan. He would always score whenever i would see him play, i certainly think he would make more of a difference in the second half of the season that Giroud will.

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28 Feb 2018 17:01:57
Ed’s are best placed to answer this I’m sure but I’d imagine it’s something to do with a number of factors.
Firstly, I’m always a bit sceptical reading paper talk especially the likes of Ashley Barnes so I’m not sure how much truth is in a lot of these rumours.
The new stadium will be very costly so I’m not sure if that has impacted our spending but I would think it’s pretty likely.
Traditionally we’ve been burnt with the big signings, Torres and Shevcenko spring to mind so I don’t know if we’re a bit cautious as a result. We have had a lot of success too so i doubt this is the reason.
Conte has an uncertain future so the board probably don’t want to spend big on a player that a potential new manager doesn’t like.
The Ed’s have said on numerous occasions that it’s a case of us not wanting to be held to ransom.
I’m not sure that it’s a lack of ambition, as I recall ed 2 saying we bid big for Pogba a couple of years back and it seemed we made large offers for Alex Sandro this summer.
I’d say caution and wanting to buy the right players is the reason we aren’t bidding for every big name but as a Chelsea fan I’m not massively worried just yet. We spent well in excess of £150m this summer and another £60m or so in January so we’re still a major buying force.

28 Feb 2018 21:06:25
So kind that a Liverpool supporter is so concerned about a club that consistently wins the Premier League!

28 Feb 2018 21:34:04
Come on, Tom, let's be a bit more welcoming. The guy comes on here just with a question, not like he starts of bashing Chelsea.

Lamborini, you ask a question lots of Chelsea fans have probably asked themselves as well. Seems like Chelsea have been more cautious in their spending since the Torres disaster. Plus I think there's been a real effort to make the club self sustainable, which is a noble goal, yet has and will cause Chelsea to fall far behind the other top clubs.
Chelsea don't want to partake in bidding wars or spend over what they feel is a correct amount for a player. That will obviously not lead to Chelsea getting world class players.

I'm kind of okay with us not getting the top stars in the game. It is what it is. But I just wish we'd use our world class young talent instead of buying middling players like Drinkwater and Barkley for example. Ampadu should probably start over Drinkwater right now in midfield.

28 Feb 2018 22:22:58
Jackson, you sound like a very kind and tolerant person.
I have looked at the Liverpool supporters post as being nothing more than sarcasm!
I have often posted MY views on our clubs current BP and I’ve also stated my theories on how potential player investment may well be effected if we build a stadium.

28 Feb 2018 23:49:27
Lamborini, I see it as one or two things

Whoever is in charge of transfers at Chelsea, is stubborn (and some would say smart) in approach to buying players. They will not spend more than what they see as worth of the player. Evidence of this maybe Sandro, and Lukaku. With Lukaku, we waited it out as we didn't want to overspend for him, we waited to long and he got sick of it, united bidded for him and then we panic bidded because we were losing our main striker and had no one in our sights. That ultimately failed.

Secondly, maybe top players just don't want to join us anymore. We're still spending big sums, 40 on Drinkwater, 40 on Bakayoko and 70 on Morata. They are massive sums for players and if we just spent a bit more, we could have Sandro and Lukaku

That said; chelsea have a plan and although the purchases of the 3 stars may not have worked out, we are quite shrewd with our business.

01 Mar 2018 15:03:07
Lambo, you make the point that the club has not spent huge amounts on the very top players and you may be right (or not of course if you consider what we spent on Morata)! We have bought some dross as well but what club doesn't? The key is buying the right player not always the most expensive! I saw someone describe Ross Barklay as 'middling'! give the guy a chance! Man City were ready to pay huge amounts for him before his injury so we might just of bagged a bargain there as we did with the likes of Azpi etc. The bottom line is in that 4 or 5 year period you talk about we have won the premier league twice! Something I guess anyone under the age of 30 and supporting Liverpool could only dream about lol😁😁.



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