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27 Jan 2019 00:25:31
Ageing and declining Willian and Pedro, no guarantees Hazard is staying past summer. Despite the arrival of Pulisic has there ever been a better chance for an 18 year old winger to make it in the Chelsea first team? As much as I understand his frustration, I can’t help but feel a bit of patience would serve him best in this situation. The contract offer is absurd money and he could grow to be a real fan favourite. For every move abroad that works out there’s 10 that don’t. Biased as a Chelsea fan maybe but I really feel he’s best placed here.

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27 Jan 2019 01:52:08
Willian and Pedro will likely be here next year, Pulisic is in and we will replace hazard with big money. He’s again 4th choice. I understand him.

27 Jan 2019 01:56:50
Let Hazard go, doesn't want to be here. Buy someone better, he will be gone shortly. We shouldn't give promises to unproven players whether it’s our fault or not, but we won’t be held to ransom - get rid.

27 Jan 2019 14:20:33
Again Sarri caused this mess. The same thing might happen with Emerson and Christensen if the club doesn't do something. I don't know what is with Italian coaches and older players.
CHO did quite enough during the preseason to force Sarri's hand to play him but the man just wants to stick with the elders (Willian and Pedro) . Sarri even picked RLC ahead of CHO for wing role this season when CHO is clearly better; perhaps these things also made him consider his future. The funny thing is that if Willian and Pedro are this bad this season, how good so you think that they will be next season?

In some ways I don't blame Hudson Odoi, let this serve as a lesson to Chelsea.

27 Jan 2019 17:05:07
I respect your opinions usually obinna. But on this occasion my views differ slightly. But i do agree with some points.

Yes i agree CHO maybe should have got more starts but only recently. But put yourself in Sarri's poistion for a moment, do you see for yourself whether willian and Pedro are capable or do you base your opinion on their performances under Conte? Sarri plays with more possession and may have felt he could raise their levels massively like he did with many players at Napoli. Obviously we were plain sailing until November so there was no need to take risks. Pedro has been good, his been unlucky with injuries but he seems prone to minor injuries. Obviously Willian not so good so that's why CHO should hsve featured more recently. However i do think CHO has got himself very close to selection now with Sarri but he seems to be wanting to take a different route now. I won't blame sarri for this. il respect CHO for what he wants to pursue.

Yes Emerson should play now, i don't agree with Alonso's selection just because he offers height. Alonso has been tailing for the last 2 months and should have been dropped. But hopefully Sarri will play Emerson nore now.

Unfortunately Christensen isn't good enough to replace Luiz or rudiger and is rightfully playing cup games. Luiz is having a cracking season, he always has to prove himself to the pundits. His accolades in football are not enough for them which is unfair. Everytime he wins a trophy he plays a massive part but its all forgotten when he makes a mistakes. Stones has made a lot more but he seems to untouchable to them. We need another defender or give Zouma a go. Zouma is quality.

27 Jan 2019 19:05:01
Hudson Odoi's talent and ability is too good to go unnoticed (for a top manager like Sarri) . He started showing these signs and abilities from preseason; what happened from that time till recently is the question we should be asking.
I blame Sarri cos of this character of completely forgetting the backups when some of them are clearly more productive than the perpetual starters.

Another area that scared me was the fact that Sarri is putting all confidence on Pedro and Willian- which makes me think- how will the future be if they are playing like this season (considering that the EPL which is a fast league and their ages will increase next season which means reduced productivity) . Considering how good our oppositions are.

27 Jan 2019 21:13:42
Fair points obinna. I get what your saying. Sarri obviously is a little stubborn and rotation is known to be his weakness. definitely should have been given a chance.

27 Jan 2019 21:55:22
All you have said is true CFCShak and you are always spot on; make no mistake, I respect Sarri a lot as a manager and I really like his football (the change is evidently massive in the way we play within a small space of time, so I like him and give him credit for that), I just feel he decided on the players that he wanted too quickly- early before he set feet on Chelsea ground- which I think isn't completely right cos some players that he's putting aside are the ones that's doing a lot better (football talks on the pitch - no where else) .

I want us to be like Mancity in the way they have a young team (or is working towards reducing the average age of their team) ; but I feel Sarri (being a typical Italian) likes older players a lot; our future is very important. I dream of the day that we have a team whose average age is 23-25 years that plays Sarri ball.

28 Jan 2019 21:00:47
Zouma will never be Chelsea quality as much as I like him but I don’t rate Christensen either. It’d be nice to get Romagnoli in as LCB give us some balance he’s a leader also what we need.



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