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21 Jan 2018 15:19:36

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21 Jan 2018 18:17:08
Now that's a player. He barely makes the bench for Burnley. But he will definitely be good enough for us and lead our line. Tbh why ain't we linked with Troy Deeney? All of these craps must be licking their fingers thinking Chelsea is a real possibility. We are the laughing stock at the moment. Embarrassment.

21 Jan 2018 18:59:42
Whoever joked about Akinfenwa might live to regret it at this rate!

21 Jan 2018 20:40:52
Don’t believe everything you read. it really is starting to get into silly season.!

21 Jan 2018 21:57:24
Well said yet again CFCADAM. Why do some of you believe every rumour on twitter, Daily mail etc? laughing stock Shak? Really? 8 points clear of Arsenal and 5 clear of Spurs. RB signed who is potentially world class. Willian and Hazard looking world class together. Young players like Musunda getting assists and game times.

Cor Blimey! Some of you lot. There was a bloke on here last Season called c1915 who was a total person. Post after post was negative then when we put 13 wins on the board totally disappeared! I see a bit of de je vu coming up. Cheers and half full.

21 Jan 2018 23:39:06
CFC Adam are you the one that posted we are close to signing Carroll?

21 Jan 2018 23:46:09
Are going to win the league again g8?

22 Jan 2018 00:28:51
G8 Im glad your positive and more importanly its brilliant to know your glass is still half full. Im glad your happy being 15 points behind Man City. Im glad your happy with our transfer ambitions. Maybe some of us fans and even Antonio Conte are deluded. The names that we are linked with are all twitter? Your a funny guy.

How much of the recent chelsea games have you watched? From your comment it appears you haven't watched many. Do you know Antonio Conte is unhappy? Forget the many of us fans for a moment.

"Willian and Hazard world class together.? Name the chelsea games they have been world class? I'm sure if that was the case Antonio Conte would start the world class pairing together always. For your records Willian hasn't started many games since last year. Maybe your basing your world class opinion on the brighton game! No doubt he has played well last couple of games but what have you based your hypothesis on?

& young players like Musonda getting assists and getting game times? ". Name the young players getting assists and game times in the premier league? Are you sure you watching the games?

22 Jan 2018 00:36:10
Gola based on G8's note, he will say next year - "there was a bloke called CFCShak on here last Season who was a total negative person. Post after post was negative then when we put 13 wins on the board he totally disappeared". On a serious note, im happy his positive being 8 points ahead of arsenal and 5 ahead of spurs. I didn't know we was in a league with them two alone.

22 Jan 2018 07:18:39
Gola - READ it again. I said it sounds like we are close.

22 Jan 2018 07:57:18
CFCShak, City have been a totally different animal this year. Think you have to remember we’ve nearly had twice as many games as we played last season.

We’re unbeaten in what 14/ 15 games now. Not bad huh? Only thing we lack is a confident striker.

Antonio Conte has been unhappy since summer when the players he really wanted wasn’t given to him. So that’s nothing new. And who can blame him? He wants to be a successful manager, but with your hands tied, it can be difficult.

Ok hazard and Willian haven’t been world class together, but they have shown the better understanding of each other’s games when played together instead of Pedro and someone etc.

All we can do is take each game as it comes. The Norwich games - the “back up” players didn’t perform. Now whose fault is that? The team we put out in the first game was certainly good enough to beat them, but they didn’t perform as well as they should have. But we didn’t lose. We are still in 4 competitions. I don’t think city will steamroll there way to the title, I really don’t. Whether it will be us, United or Liverpool who challenges them, only time will tell.

We are in the FA Cup, Semi final of Carabao cup and yes I do feel we have a great chance of winning at Arsenal this week. Why - because I feel we can beat anybody and everybody when everyone is on their game. If Morata finished his chances in the league game, we would have won 4/ 5-1 and that’s no lie.

Champs league - everyone wrote us off so MANY times back in 2012. We played against Barcelona with 10 men and beat them. IT CAN BE DONE!

The transfer policy is all crap, but that’s the boards fault at the start of the season. All the crap with costa, Lukaku. We should have finally backed our manager who performed miracles to win us the league last year, but didn’t. And in the long run that’s not a good thing! But us Chelsea fans have lived with that transfer policy for a few years now. January is never a good time to buy, being honest, I’d rather it was scrapped altogether as it does more harm then good.

G8 - mentioned about youngsters getting game time. THEY ARE! They are playing in the League and cup games. A few years back they weren’t performing when given there chance and so were shipped out and over looked. That’s not the case now. If they aren’t getting game time here, I’m sure they are somewhere else. Clarke-Salter/ Ampadu/ Sterling/ Musonda for example, ok maybe not getting on the pitch, but he’s with the 1st team all the time and being named on the bench regularly. That helps the players too. Can’t just chuck them in. Has to be carefully managed.

The future is bright with or without a Conte, a new stadium, decent youngsters coming through and some world class players in our squad. Could be worse. Could be Arsenal. Our best players being taken away. Once the window is shut, Tibo will sign and so will Hazard. Cannot see them leaving at all.

22 Jan 2018 11:07:41
Adam i don't really buy into decent youngsters. let's be honest barring Christensen the rest are struggling to get a snif in the league. Christensen performed really well on loan, just like courtois did and therefore it was a no brainer for the club.

As for hazard/ courtois signing contracts. I hope so, hope they do sign. But Hazard doesn't seem as positive, he only said yesterday that he will wait till the season is over. After the season is over its the world cup. I wouldn't be surprised if he is winding his contract till the summer to see who is interested. The boards negative dealings with conte ain't helping. It's obvious to the fans and to many pundits that there is a negative aura around the club. Look no further than Conte.

Your right it could be worse if you compare to arsenal. But their ambitions to sign top players is up there and a couple of star quality players sorts that out. Tbh my concern is that fact that man city, man utd and liverpool are stealing a march on us.



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